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southwestern Asian plant widely cultivated for its succulent edible dark green leaves

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The researchers also examined baby spinach plants over the course of 28 days after germination to see whether any of the E.
coli had become "internalized" in leaves or shoots of baby spinach plants grown in soil.
Interaction of Escherichia coil with growing salad spinach plants.
To help protect tomorrow's spinach against leafminers, researcher Mou has developed two kinds of parent spinach plants with impressive natural resistance to the insect.
The parent spinach plants result from 3 years of rigorous field tests by Mou and colleagues.
Today's spinach plants, for example, hoard calcium in crystal forms that nourish the plant but are not as biologically available to humans.
All the water spinach plants that have been found in Florida's waterways are likely escapees from home gardens or illicit growing plots, according to Kipker.
Excess salts result in stunted spinach plants with small dark green leaves.