spill over

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overflow with a certain feeling

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be disgorged

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She also challenged the view that unconventional monetary actions have fundamentally distinctive spill over effects on the rest of the world, as they work through the same channels and in similar magnitudes as conventional policies.
The Swalec Stadium is set to be a 15,000 sell-out today for the T20 finals day, contested by Somerset, Yorkshire, Hampshire and Sussex, which could spill over into Sunday, which ironically has a fine forecast.
Countries in the West Region have already taken strides in driving economic growth by stimulating innovation and knowledge spill overs.
Those living in the richer part of the world will not be immune to the spill overs that take place elsewhere.
China is also unlikely to continue its upward growth trend as the authorities gradually move to slow lending and curtail financial risks, generating negative spill overs to other EMs.