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Synonyms for spiky

Synonyms for spiky

having or as if having especially high-pitched spots


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I Love Myself" is also the anthem representing Stop the Abuse Foundation founded by Spiky, Da Professor and Terry Kirby.
I like being different because I'm queer," continued Spiky Hair.
The growers must put 10 kg seeds in a tub and sprinkle one litre of recommended acid on the seeds to remove the spiky growth called burr".
The stegosaurus swung his tail at the T-Rex; it hit him with the spiky bit
Studded heels PS895 Christian Louboutin STEAL If Santa doesn't come through for you, then these spiky peep toes from Daisy Street will get the look on a budget.
99 (Boots/ Superdrug) The spiky fat brush separated my lashes but I found it difficult to apply to the corners.
Hairspray sales are back in growth after 10 years of decline--as Cheryl Cole-style 'big hair' consigns the once-ubiquitous spiky do to the fashion wasteland.
Its Spiky "ice traction" device can be worn over shoes and helps prevent slipping in ice and snow.
Foot care and orthopaedic supplies firm A Algeo has had tens of thousands of enquiries and orders on its website for its Spiky 'ice traction' device that can be worn over shoes and helps prevent slipping in ice and snow.
The attacker is described as, white and aged 18 to 25, with dark coloured spiky hair.
The youngsters from Stepping Stones creche were given the chance to experience the scaly, spiky and hairy creatures which came in the form of geckos, snakes, tortoise, spiders, scorpions, and bearded dragon.
After stunning celeb-watchers with her bizarre no-heels shoes, Posh Spice chose to match her new spiky hairdo with a pair of shoes more suited to a torture chamber than a chic restaurant.
The thermistors are usually epoxies filled with spiky conductive fillers.
He is described as white, 5ft 10in tall, short, blond spiky hair, 26 years old, wearing a blue T-shirt which might have had red writing on it, light blue jeans, and shoes rather than trainers.
Spiky nosegays of lighting fixtures sprouted from the floor, creating a futuristic garden where barefooted Parker Lutz, in a beige unitard with puffy sleeves, performed brief balletic variations to music by Mike Iveson, Bert Janusch, and, most startlingly, given Michelson's experimental pedigree, Leo Delibes (large chunks of the score for Sylvia).