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Synonyms for spigot

a plug for a bunghole in a cask


a regulator for controlling the flow of a liquid from a reservoir

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Citing the increased cost of water, the board made a decision to remove the water spigots to conserve the water usage.
Due to reports that residents were using water from spigots near wells on the Superfund site, EPA conducted an investigation that determined the water was originating from a drinking water system, not from Superfund site wells.
Water from multiple spigots along the river was used directly by case subjects and control subjects (without using a detergent or sanitizer) to do a final rinse on their dishes and utensils, to brush their teeth, and to drink.
A ROGUE spigot that was left on a crossing on the course during the OLBG Mares' Hurdle at last month's festival led to a PS5,000 fine for Cheltenham racecourse following a BHA disciplinary inquiry yesterday.
This product enables the installer to push standard bell and spigot PVC pipe through bored or cased holes without the danger associated with over-belling the joints.
The Winter Spigot Cover will provide thorough protection of spigots during winter.
Glenora president Gene Pierce invested in a special machine that holds the pouches, removes the spigots, fills the containers and replaces the spigots.
This process can be accelerated and simplified by the cycle for measuring spigots programmed in the NC program via the GUI before machining.
The barrels have two brass spigots - one to allow you to connect a hose for watering, and one for overflow.
In examining those structures, we found that the striated texture of the small trichobothrial hood, plus the presence of PMS paracribellar spigots and PLS modified spigot (amaurobiid PLS spigot of Wang 2000), are unique and define Amaurobius (the type genus of the family) and related genera including, at least, Callobius Chamberlin 1947, Pimus Chamberlin 1947 and Taira Lehtinen 1967.
The area, roughly an acre in size, includes a water fountain with spigots for both humans and dogs, a picnic table and a few well-placed trash cans with pooper scoopers.
The researchers imaged the spiders' feet with a scanning electron microscope and found silk-producing spigots nestled among the hairs.
Since it was time for one of his five daily prayers, Hakan stopped just outside the mosque, where a long line of spigots and stools awaited would-be worshipers.
Ferrous recyclers are hopeful that at least one of the two spigots of supply will open back up as fall approaches.
diplomatic recognition of the Soviet Union in 1933--which in turn opened the spigots for aid and trade to the Communist behemoth.