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Synonyms for spigot

a plug for a bunghole in a cask


a regulator for controlling the flow of a liquid from a reservoir

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This product enables the installer to push standard bell and spigot PVC pipe through bored or cased holes without the danger associated with over-belling the joints.
The Winter Spigot Cover will provide thorough protection of spigots during winter.
9, 27); ALS short, apex with 2 major ampullate gland spigots (MAP) and 41-55 piriform gland spigots (PI); PMS small, with 2 minor ampullate gland spigots (mAP), 2 aciniform gland spigots (AC), and 1-3 cylindrical gland spigots (CY); PLS second segment short, with approximately 6-17 aciniform gland spigots, and 2 cylindrical gland spigots (Figs.
Since it was time for one of his five daily prayers, Hakan stopped just outside the mosque, where a long line of spigots and stools awaited would-be worshipers.
Ferrous recyclers are hopeful that at least one of the two spigots of supply will open back up as fall approaches.
Options are available for handling drums with faucets or spigots inserted.
diplomatic recognition of the Soviet Union in 1933--which in turn opened the spigots for aid and trade to the Communist behemoth.
Difficulties with this type of system, included spigots that clogged and leaked, uneven flow rate, and the fact that it did not allow for complete removal of fluid from the drum.
Oil analysts see lots of wild cards in the deck: Mexico and Russia could open the spigots, while an expansion of the U.
And federal pipeline rules are so lax that, for instance, pipeline operators aren't even required to close their pipeline spigots when they find leaks.
Solution: The potable water hose spigots in the CPO head, crew's head, wardroom head and CO/XO head are capable of having a temporary hose (garden hose) attached to them.
The PIG(R) Pan is ideal for catching leaks and drips under machines, spigots, forklifts, drums, and other places.
After Lewis and Valentina are finally reunited, their scenes are a marvel of intimacy, Tremain showing how the two are well-matched, both minds open to their wishes and fears, both voices spigots of candor.
Past thundering cascades, beyond pools shaded by oaks and stately Douglas-firs, the state's most lucrative natural resource streams into a series of government-owned reservoirs, channels, and pipes bound for spigots hundreds of miles from its source.
Say, you wouldn't happen to know if Butch still sells diesel fuel in those fifty-five-gallon drums with the detonatable spigots, now would ya?