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Synonyms for spiel

Synonyms for spiel

to talk volubly, persistently, and usually inconsequentially

Synonyms for spiel

plausible glib talk (especially useful to a salesperson)

speak at great length (about something)

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Thomson, who has never seen The Grand Match, added: "The last two Bon Spiels have taken place at the Lake of Menteith, in 1979 and 1963.
Sucht man jenseits dieses Graben nach den Gemeinsamkeiten zwischen Bildung und Avantgarde, dann zeigen diese sich fur Rumold im Begriff des Spiels und in den Bildern, die das jeweilige Spiel produziert.
This flimsy wad of piffle, this stapled spiel of Cameroonish baloney" - The Government's "vote to remain in the EU" leaflet as described by political commentator Quentin Letts.
People now live their life like an open wound and they are rewarded for it" Comic actor Ricky Gervais "If global warming meant temperatures rose by one or two degrees, France would become a desert - which would be no bad thing"Ryanair boss Michael O'Leary "She does have a sense of humour, but she is a bit of a cold fish" The BBC's former royal correspondent Jennie Bond on the Queen "This flimsy wad of piffle, this stapled spiel of Cameroonish baloney" The Government's "vote to remain in the EU" leaflet as described by political commentator Quentin Letts
Most of the spiel online about Cleopatra and drink seems to be about her and some bet with the Roman general Mark Antony over creating the most expensive meal ever.
It may have come as a surprise to many of the participants when they read on Facebook (and perhaps saw some pictures of themselves while they were at it) that they were in actuality not attending a fundraiser for the NH Committee to Elect House Democrats last month, but to hear a spiel from special guest Howard Dean on how great and wonderful a prez Hill.
Das Spiel Heavy Rain (2010) kennt 18 alternative Enden, je nachdem, welche Entscheidungen der Spieler zuvor getroffen hat.
For all UKIP's spiel about giving you the referendum, even if they were to gain seats in the 2015 parliament, how early would they be able to hold one?
Feigel considers how the lives of Hilde Spiel, Rose Macauley, Henry Yorke (author Henry Green), Graham Greene and Elizabeth Bowen were shaped by the violent circumstances of the Second World War Home Front.
No one is buying the spiel about a top-four place being the only target.
info Matthias Spiel amp expressed his severe reservations on behalf of online journalism community over the cyber surveillance and stressed the need to use encryption tools to make the online presence secure.
Explaining the reasons to why he changed his name, Zopittybop-bop-bop went into a spiel on the infinite love in the universe and the ultimate chaos that comes with it.
When I asked him if he understood how bad it is (not to mention against the law) to leave a car idling like that, he just repeated the same customer service spiel.
Firms need to review their HR spiel and get out and talk.
The BUI-E [TM] which was designed by SPIEL Designs, spearheaded by its founder, Michael Singletary, has ensured that each user will be able to store both cash and cards safely by providing a product which has classy and practical features yet stays true to being a minimal wallet.