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Synonyms for spiel

Synonyms for spiel

to talk volubly, persistently, and usually inconsequentially

Synonyms for spiel

plausible glib talk (especially useful to a salesperson)

speak at great length (about something)

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Tom and Candace Spiel also own a LEED Gold Certified McDonald's restaurant in Riverside, CA - the first one west of the Mississippi and just one of four in the U.
LONDON, October 17 /PRNewswire/ -- A new board game, the only one of its kind on the world, will receive its first public viewing at Essen Spiel 07, Essen, Germany.
Then she moved to the next stand at the Backstage Creations Retreat at the Beverly Hilton and listened to a spiel about a free week at a hotel in Bora Bora.
Actually, there were lots of well-thought-out presentations that I can't do justice to in this short spiel, so you'd all be better off if you checked out the website skatersforpublicskateparks.
One company she visited with high hopes is Toyota, where she gave her spiel for the virtues of locating in the Great Lakes State.
His real sin was similar to that of so many failed CEOs of the past few years: Ponzi bought into his own spiel and decided that words were more important than facts.
But by December everyone in town knows your "rediscovering my gay identity" spiel, so you need a fresh audience for it to retain its seductive power.
Even the candidate himself sounded bored by this spiel.
Now he has wooed singer Barbara on to his books with the most patronising spiel that ever came out of a manager's mouth.
His sorrowful spiel suddenly betrayed a trace of hesitance.
HELPING THIRD WORLD CHILDREN: From left, Leanne Bailey, aged 11, Charleigh LLoyd, aged 11, Jodie Spiel, aged eight, Abigail Duff, aged eight, Emma James, aged 10, and Ben Shirley, aged eight.
I'd read a pile of his pedagogical spiel about how victim and predator coexist inside us all.
In this book, author Robert Spiel paints a picture of art theft that can best be appreciated by experienced investigators.
HR's defense of this boring spiel is that legally they must cover all bases.
Axon is engaged in ongoing projects with companies such as telecoms equipment manufacturer, LM Ericsson AB; mobile operator, Comviq; Svenska Handelsbanken, a leading financial institution; and the government's on-line gaming and lottery operator, Svenska Spiel.