spider web

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a web resembling the webs spun by spiders


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a web spun by spiders to trap insect prey

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A variety of avian species feed on spiders and use spider web for nesting material (Waide and Hailman 1977); birds in these situations are likely to be aware of the web and do not become entangled (McKenzie 1991).
When they returned to shore, they shared a breakfast of flies from her spider web.
Seeds, stones, bark, twigs, feathers, leaves, bones, moss, berries, flowers, fungi, pine cones, shells, reeds, spider webs, corn husks, native clay, grasses, sand, vines, and nuts are just some of the many natural materials available.
1 -- 2 -- color) A house on the corner of Califa Street and Woodlake Avenue has a giant spider web, complete with its gigantic inhabitants.
He said: 'The man we are looking for has a very distinctive tattoo of a spider web design on his neck.
According to the Sun Chronicle, Conti said that after she called a technician to get the machine fixed he told her that a spider web apparently prevented the machine's scanner from counting ballots.
The scruffy 35-year-old, with spider web tattoos on his face and neck, was seized at the height of the violence.
In addition to its highly successful InContext Spider Web page creation software, the company publishes InContext 2, an SGML editor, and develops tools for customization and integration of both products.
You get very fine beams of radiation coming out [of the sample], so it's like a spider web.
This was a male wasp that suddenly found itself trapped in a spider web.
For 25 years, the Woodland Hills resident, a fierce fan of Halloween, has been creating ``the largest spider web in the world'' right in her front yard.
Scenes from it feature a helicopter trapped in a giant spider web strung between the towers of the World Trade Centre.
The work "provides an unexpected new insight into the factors that shape the evolution of spider web design," says biologist Stephen Nowicki of Duke University in Durham, N.
For a spider web, however, it doesn't matter if the load is just strong enough to cause failure, or one hundred times higher - the net effect is the same.