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native to South America but naturalized in warm parts of United States

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Wants: Angelwing blue poppy, Mexican hat, Mexican fireplant, strawflower, carnation, columbine, white spider flower.
To this end, there is an annual landscape plant that is easy to culture and can serve as a model species: Spider Flower or Cleome (Cleome hasslerana L.
Flower color of Spider Flower ranges from white through red to violet, and three genes were identified that control coloration (Laddet al.
The flowers themselves carry their own meanings - for instance, red roses mean love, baby's breath means innocence, hyacinths mean jealousy and spider flower means elope with me.
Another plant on the list of heavy and reliable bloomers would be spider flower (Grevillea species).
If you grow plants that are notorious self-seeders, such as spider flower (cleome), removing the mulch at the end of the season will help to clear away most of the seeds as well.
Perhaps not as tropical-looking as the others but from the warmth of Australia, is Grevillea, the Spider Flower.
Notable exceptions are nasturium, spider flower, portulaca, amaranthus, cosmos, ganzania, or salpiglossis, all of which do best in poor, infertile soils.
China aster, Nicotiana sylvestris, Salvia coccinea, and spider flower are sometimes sold in containers at specialty nurseries.
In Bombay a similar process photographing a wall with 'Do Not Spit' on it and a reptilian cement ground littered with pink spider flowers, and then, a post-wedding celebration of four football fields draped in mind-blowing red fabric with the night before's white flower garlands cast to the floor along with cigarette butts and other debris.
Or set out seedlings of any of the above, plus African daisies, bachelor's button, calendula, clarkia, forget-me-nots, globe amaranth, lobella, pansies, snapdragons, spider flowers, sweet alyssum, sweet William, and violas.