spider crab

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any of numerous crabs with very long legs and small triangular bodies

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On average, one Japanese spider crab is caught at most five times a year in Taiwan.
Rumour has it that 95% of Salcombe's red spider crab is shipped to Spain and France, where they can't get enough of it, yet it remains relatively undiscovered in Blighty, where we tend to stick to its brown cousin.
As for the spider crabs, seaweed attachment can be used not only as camouflage (Wicksten, 1993) but may also serve as a food store (Woods & McLay, 1994).
In the first episode, all four are set an immediate challenge when they have to prepare their first meal with a huge spider crab.
Right, red-knobbed and chocolate chip starfish are carefully placed into their display at the Sea Life London Aquarium, and, below, a Japanese spider crab named Big Daddy settles into its new home at Blackpool''s Sea Life Centre.
Both were delicious with Welsh Mountain lamb, smoked sewin and farmhouse terrine from Cnwd of Carmarthen, Cardigan Bay spider crab, and finest Hafod mature cheddar and Gorwydd Caerphilly.
Other creatures were on the menu, including a spider crab, with "txangurro" sauce served in the hollowed-out shell to accompany the succulent meat in the foot-long legs.
Spider Crab I'm not a big fan of spiders or crabs, so this dustbin lid-sized cross between the two could well have been put on the planet with the sole aim of giving me nightmares.
10&11 FOOD Spider crab, spider crab, does whatever a spider crab can.
Other landed species include spider crab and velvet crab.
The portly spider crab, which plods sideways only 20 percent of the time, falls between.
Scientists at the National Institute of Water and Atmospheric Research have established that the Chaceon bicolor (red) and king crabs are widely distributed around New Zealand at depths of up to a thousand metres, while the giant spider crab inhabits shallower but even less inviting sub-Antarctic waters around the southern tip of the South Island.