spider's web

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a web resembling the webs spun by spiders


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a web spun by spiders to trap insect prey

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But Spider's Web employs a lot of exposition, while playing up the cyberpunk aspects of the series.
Spider's Web was Agatha Christie's first stab at a stage play, although some of her thrillers had been adapted before this one opened in 1954 - to run alongside The Mousetrap (amazingly, still running today).
Many of Agatha Christie's books have been adapted for the stage and screen, but Spider's Web was written in 1954 for the stage, especially for Margaret Lockwood, one of England's most lustrous film stars of the day.
Spider's Web, written by the queen of the detective novel in 1954, has a week-long run at New Brighton's Floral Pavilion next week.
She wrote Spider's Web as a vehicle for Margaret Lockwood in the early 1950s.
TWISTED: After 30 days of secondhand smoke exposure, the spider's web had no complete spirals.
For instance, Kevlar fibers in bulletproof vests have a molecular alignment that imitates that in the silk threads of a spider's web.
Analogous to Spider's web spinning, shots of him scribbling obsessively in his secret notebooks punctuate the movie.
Should a spider's web not exhibit the antibacterial qualities, colonies of the Pseudomonas fluorescens populated the area immediately surrounding the web.
the ambitious African-American gay lawyer), Basil Henderson (the incredibly sexy, egocentric, and tragically fragile bisexual ex-pro football player), Trent Walters (Raymond's life partner), Nicole Springer (Raymond's last heterosexual love, now married to his best friend, Jared Stovall), and even Raymond's parents are all connected like strands on a spider's web.
The space available at a certain web site limits the expansion of a spider's web.
Scientists are on the road to making a bulletproof material out of the humble spider's web.
Using the bronze supports that are sawed off cast statues, he put together a gigantic framework - more than four meters in diameter - that is not only vase and nest, but also spider's web, a place where objects become physically entangled.
The agreement includes basic cable-tv rights for RHI Entertainment's new horror-thriller projects including Grizzly Rage, Maneater, Eye of the Beast, Blood Monkey and In the Spider's Web.
Details of a sequel to Stieg Larsson's best-selling Millennium Trilogy, The Girl in the Spider's Web by Swedish author David Lagercrantz, have been released by the UK publisher MacLehose Press, The Guardian news company revealed on Wednesday.