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Synonyms for spick-and-span

Synonyms for spick-and-span

conspicuously new

completely neat and clean

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A COMPANY from North Wales is being called in by a city just over the border in England to keep it looking spick-and-span.
The wonders of the Brave New World, all spick-and-span in whatever the period style of "futurism" happens to be, are nearly always paired with archetypal monsters and ruined versions of recent or current modernity, usually something on the order of Fritz Lang's Metropolis gone Angkor Wat or New York City after the Bomb.
Spick-and-span Steph is 8-1 to advertise a household cleaner, while clippers- crazy Ray is 33-1 to open a hair salon
Now as quick as you can say 'Gordon Ramsay' she had our spick-and-span kitchen in an absolute state of disorder, with pots and pans everywhere and the cooker in a terrible state.
The normally spick-and-span town was littered with sofas, shoes, clothes, kiddies toys and electrical goods.
We can now only look back nostalgically to what seems a brief golden age in the mid- 1990s when the newly pedestrianised city centre was being maintained in spick-and-span condition.
SCHOOL cleaner Joan Lees has put away her mop and bucket after keeping corridors and classrooms spick-and-span for generations.
It's time to wake up, America, and stop believing we live in a spick-and-span world.
SANTA CLARITA - The streets and sidewalks of Santa Clarita will be spick-and-span after the annual Pride Week celebration, scheduled to kick off April 18 and conclude with a communitywide trash collection April 24.
GREEN-FINGERED villagers in Stretton-on-Dunsmore are celebrating after their spick-and-span gardens helped them win their way through to the finals of a county competition.
My house has been really spick-and-span since he has been practising for this.
And in less than 12 hours Mary's garden at her home in Ely, Cardiff, was back to its spick-and-span best.
The Rotary Club members volunteered to sell the hot dogs and soda and to keep the trailers spick-and-span.
I wash myself, take my medicine, make my coffee and clean my home spick-and-span,'' Mama said proudly Friday, standing in front of her new statue.