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the property of being seasoned with spice and so highly flavored

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On the base of pharmacological studies (19992009) for the standardization and quality control of herbal medicinal plants, we have developed recommendations concerning historical and traditional priority--technology of production of ecologically sound standards of raw materials and products of medicinal, aromatic, spicery and poisonous plants of our country : Foeniculum vulgate L--essential oils-3-5%, flvonoids -0,5%; Valeriana officinalis L--exstracted solids 27,8%, essential oils- 2%, isovaleric acid 0,91; Melissa officinalis L--essential oils 0,33%, vitamins C 150 mg%, carotene 7mg%; Carum carvi L--essential oils--7,2%; Thymus vulgaris L--essential oils 2,2%, Salvia officinalis L2,5%; Hyoscyamus niger L--alkaloids -0,5%;
Tamar Kacharava, Avtandil Korakhashvili, Ketevan Kacharava, GEORGIA; Ecological Standards of Medicinal, Aromatic, Spicery and Poisonous Herbs of Georgia
How times have changed, and it is thanks to the foresight of partners in Spicery ( Mohan Iqbal and Martin Rohman ( that Newcastle's West End now has an Indian to rival the best on Tyneside.
Spicery, which opened late last year, boasts a modern, upmarket, sophisticated feel.
First impressions mean a lot, and as soon as you walk into Spicery, you expect the best.
Mr Rohman also plans to open a new restaurant before the summer under The Spicery brand, after buying an Indian takeaway on Alnwick's Clayton Street three years ago.
Add in The Spicery Limited in Bristol, South Lakes Housing in Cumbria and Solent Orthotic Services supplying medical aids in Southampton and that's most of the country covered.
The Spicery is the latest addition to Mr Rohman's stable of restaurants, some of which he owns outright while other are partnerships with other members of his family.
Our restaurants now have a great reputation and we believe that The Spicery will be a huge success as it will offer our specialised cuisine in a fantastic setting," he said.