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an inscrutable person who keeps his thoughts and intentions secret

(Greek mythology) a riddling winged monster with a woman's head and breast on a lion's body

one of a number of large stone statues with the body of a lion and the head of a man that were built by the ancient Egyptians

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The Sphinx has one hundred and fifty qualifications for impassiveness which you lack.
If you would learn to speak all tongues and conform to the customs of all nations, if you would travel farther than all travellers, be naturalized in all climes, and cause the Sphinx to dash her head against a stone, even obey the precept of the old philosopher, and Explore thyself.
Arriving at Thebes he answered the riddle of the Sphinx and the grateful Thebans made their deliverer king.
If he could solve the riddle, the Sphinx was slain.
She offered General Kitchener some jam on a cracker; but he only looked at her as the sphinx would have looked at a butterfly--if there are butterflies in the desert.
Changeless as a sphinx, he had sat there in darkness and in light, whilst sunlight had changed to moonlight, and the songs of the birds had given place to the low murmuring of frogs from a lake below the lawns.
And a married sphinx isn't a--isn't a nice confidential husband,' said Bella, in a tone of injury.
Qalaa Holdings has entered into serious negotiations to exit from Sphinx Direct Investment Management Company to benefit Al-Rajhi Group, a major contributor to Sphinx, and Financial Holding International, one of the shareholders in the Qalaa-owned companies.
I FEEL compelled to write in to thank Coventry Sphinx Football Club for welcoming me with open arms so I can once again enjoy supporting my local club and crucially falling in love with the game of football again.
The Great Sphinx of Giza is one of the largest and oldest statues in the world.
3 billion ($180 million) transaction on Sphinx Glass.
3billion ($180 million) transaction on leading Egyptian float glass manufacturer Sphinx Glass.
Construction Products Holding Company (CPC), part of the Saudi Binladin Group, has acquired 100% shares of Egypt's Sphinx Glass company for $190mn.
POPULAR dual-purpose performer Sphinx has been retired aged 16 after being pulled up at Newcastle last week.