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Smoking decreases the lower esophageal sphincter muscle function and increases acid secretion.
This could be because most of the men had undergone radical prostatectomy with resulting scarring and little or no sphincter muscle remaining to be bulked up by the stem cells, explained Dr.
Basically, DSD is a lack of coordination between the bladder and the sphincter muscle.
Various factors, including what a person eats and drinks, can weaken the gate-like sphincter muscle that normally confines the fluids to the stomach.
Success rates are in the 88% to 100% range, and although a downside of this surgery is division of the sphincter muscle, there are no reports of postoperative incontinence in the literature, he noted.
The outlet valve or sphincter muscle and the muscles of the pelvic floor, as well as the bowels, are closed.
GERD is caused when the sphincter muscle at the bottom of the esophagus opens when it's not supposed to, allowing food and acid from the stomach back into your throat.
San Francisco, CA; 650-616-2200) announced that the United States Patent and Trademark Office has issued a patent (United States 6,395,736) that covers methods of treating anorectal disorders by administering certain concentrations of topical potassium channel openers to the anorectal region in order to decrease abnormally high pressure of the anal sphincter muscle.
The sling supports the weak sphincter muscle, helping it stay closed during coughing or straining.
The sphincter muscle forms a circle around the pupil.
Anderson decided to extend an episiotomy to the fourth degree, cutting through the patient's rectal sphincter muscle up to her rectum in order to deliver the rest of the baby.
She was unable to use the toilet for two years, having to rely on a colostomy bag until doctors reconnected her small intestine to the sphincter muscle controlling bowel motions.
Freed said Sanchez couldn't swallow because a sphincter muscle in the back of his throat didn't open and close.
The entry to the tunnel is closed with small staples and the tunnel collapses and completely seals the cut that was made in the sphincter muscle.
The randomized study was performed on an animal model of fecal incontinence with three study arms: an experimental model of fecal incontinence with damage to the sphincter muscle, which remained untreated; a group with sphincter damage, treated with NARF; a control group without a damaged sphincter and without treatment.
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