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a small sphere

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During the studies of 1994 we found a high concentration of glassy spherules (microimpactites) in the Lower Atlantic peat of Piila mire 10 km northwest of the Kaali craters (Fig.
A case of coccidioidomycosis was defined as one in which the diagnosis could be corroborated by positive coccidioidal serologic results, fungal culture, or histologic identification of spherules in biopsy specimens.
2) Spherules and endospores may be detected in tissues on hematoxylin-eosin-stained slides and with Gomori methenamine silver staining, or in cytologic specimens.
The phase changes of PEN in subcritical water in the FSCR revealed that the PEN softened and swelled at 87[degrees]C, gradually shrank into liquid spherule, and was totally dissolved in water at 270[degrees]C, forming a homogeneous solution.
Histo-pathologic analyses demonstrated necrotizing granulomatous reaction, rare spherules and multinucleated giant cells (Figures 6-8).
The initial biopsy shows a dense lymphocyte, neutrophil, plasma cell infiltration, and numerous spherules.
If you find one of these spherule layers, you can estimate the thickness of it, and you can estimate the size of the asteroid that created that layer," says Brandon Johnson of Purdue University, a coauthor of the second study.
Therefore, during the verification of diagnosis of broncho-pulmonary paecilomycosis the main differential-diagnostic criteria must be the positive results of mycological investigation (high spherule level of Paecilomyces fungi in the blood, their presence in sputum and isolated culture of the fungus in the nutrient media), as well as the absence of other etiological factors of the lung injure.
peak], MAF and DP of the low coercivity component are really close to the same parameters for the impact layer samples, indicating that a significant fraction of the characteristic low coercivity component is included in the Fe-O spherules, and that the peristaltic-pump procedure has separated mainly Fe-O spherules and spherule fragments.
The spherule content in the semicoke is comparatively high: over 5 spherules per gram after removal of the largest fragments.
Evaluation of the protective efficacy of the killed Coccidioides immitis spherule vaccine in humans.
spherule at 37[degrees]C seen in San dermatitis Joaquin Valley 19.
Once inside people or animals, they transform into the spherule form recognized in biopsy specimens.
Pedicels very long, about 18-20 mm, thick perisarc, with 3-4 occasional groups of annuli irregularly placed along length; groups with 3-7 annuli; distal end of pedicel with slight swelling just beneath a sub-hydrothecal spherule.
The initial spherule forms a growing skin of polymer with the most active catalyst sites on the outside.