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an abnormal spherical red blood cell

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In the interest of simplifying reports and eliminating redundant information given to clinicians, some laboratories have moved to eliminating the non-specific term poikilocytosis and reporting only the specific type of abnormal RBC forms, (2) such as spherocytes, acanthocytes, and teardrops.
Arsenic-induced echinocytic transformation of erythrocyte was confirmed by SEM analysis, which showed distinct membrane blebbing, increased number of spherocytes and microcytosis, but these were almost absent in the control group (figure 2A and B).
In sepsis, inflammation resulting from ROS production promotes morphological changes in erythrocytes, with the appearance of spherocytes, cup-shaped cells, and especially echinocytes.
Peripheral smear showed severe anisocytosis, macrocytosis with microcytic RBC population and spherocytes, Nucleated RBCs= 3/ 100 WBCs, neutrophilia with hypersegmented neutrophils, metamyelocytes and myelocytes.
Blood film was stained by May - Grunwald - Giemsa stain and peripheral smear examination was carried out for differential leucocyte count (DLC), identification of spherocytes, schistocytes, thrombocytopenia and platelet anisocytosis.
The technique uses autologous HDRBCs which are converted into rigid spherocytes, injected and then sequestered in the spleen, as well as any functioning accessory splenic tissue.
Spherocytes on a peripheral blood smear and a positive direct antiglobulin test are findings that indicate the occurrence of antibody-mediated in vivo hemolysis.
LDH, spherocytes on the peripheral smear, and falling haemoglobin, suggests haemolysis and should prompt further investigation.
Red blood cells (RBCs) demonstrated an increased mean cell hemoglobin concentration which is consistent with the presence of spherocytes and polychromasia.
Marked changes in the shape of RBC from normal discocytes to echinocytes, spherocytes, stomatocytes and acanthocytes were also observed in the blood of the rats treated with (131)I.
25-5 [micro]M for 1-48 hr) induced erythrocyte shape changes from discocytes to echinocytes to spherocytes, accompanied by microvesicle (MV) generation.
Further investigations showed a normocytic, normochromic peripheral blood film with significant spherocytes (Fig.
On the blood smear, there were no shistocytes, spherocytes, poikilocytosis, microcytes, teardrop, or target cells.
6 anisocytosis target cells spherocytes fragments NRBC Patient 3 target cells 15 24 month spherocytes old, G6PD polychromasia deficient blister cells Patient 4 9 11 month old Patient 5 5.