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the roundness of a 3-dimensional object

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For hypotheses H5 through H7, the sphericity assumption was found to be violated again.
Experimental investigation of the sphericity of irregularly shaped oil shale particle groups.
As for the significance found in Bartlett's sphericity tests, these were 0.
Repeated measures ANOVA showed that Mauchly's test of sphericity is not significant for experiment 2, so we assumed sphericity.
Our analysts] couldn't tell the difference--it was very similar in roundness and sphericity, along with being very similar in strength.
The assumption of sphericity was not violated for either the interaction or main effect tests (p > 0.
From this result, the equivalent diameter to a sphere (3D images, spatial geometry simulation) and, as the shape factor, the sphericity of the pore (0, less rounded; angular, 1, more rounded and smooth) were calculated by Eqn 1:
A recent study demonstrated a linear relationship between the sphericity in the geometry of the left ventricular chamber as measured by echocardiography and the amount of gravitational forces.
The tomato's property of sphericity is a quality in virtue of which the tomato has the power to roll.
However, radiographic sphericity and congruence can now be quantitatively measured.
The commentary itself looks at the proportionality of the planetary speeds, the sphericity of the wandering stars, and the proportionality of the planetary motions.
It is displayed that polymer blends with laminar-dispersed phase could effectively improve barrier and resistance properties, compared with other morphologies such as sphericity, ellipsoid, or fiber.
The deformation parameter [beta] measures the axial deviation from sphericity, while the angle variable y controls the departure from axial symmetry.
This term expresses the fact that the initial sphericity of the supernova shock wave is spontaneously broken, because the shock develops large-amplitude, pulsating asymmetries by the oscillatory growth of initially small, random seed perturbations.
6 [Pallant (2005)] and the Barlett's test of sphericity [Pallant (2005)] reached statistical significance, supporting the factorability of the correlation of the matrix.