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the roundness of a 3-dimensional object

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Left ventricular geometry in normal and post-anterior myocardial infarction patients: Sphericity index and 'new' conicity index comparisons.
A similar trend for the sphericity during the drying has also been reported for other species, such as peanut grains (Araujo et al.
As is the case for rainbows, the roundness of the diffraction corona is an expression of the sphericity of the drops.
688 Storage material & condition: HDPE, ambient temperature Tomato: AMD GMD Sphericity Days (cm) (cm) (%) 1 5.
The Bartlett's test of sphericity, which challenges the hypothesis that identity matrix, is similar or exactly a correlation matrix and this would indicate whether the variables used in this research are not suitable for structure detections or constructs cannot be developed.
Sphericity of greater than 90% and custom particle size ranges are offered.
Mauchly's test indicated that the assumption of sphericity for the error rate of the choice response time task had been violated ([chi square](54) = 0, p < .
They also examined correlations between various soil properties and strength parameters and found that the mean grain size, sphericity, angularity, and void ratio play a role in the measured friction angles.
As shown in the Table II, Mauchly's test statistic is found to be significant which implies that the variances of the differences between years were significantly different and the assumption of sphericity had been violated, [X.
The Bartlett's test of Sphericity showed that nonzero correlations exist at the significance level of 0.
On the basis of this result, we verified whether the data met the criteria of normality and sphericity using the Kaiser-Meyer-Olkin test and Bartlett's test of sphericity.
The findings from Alberta, Canada-based Loring Labs' analysis of the samples in 2014 confirmed silica contents up to 98 percent and exhibited high degrees of both roundness and sphericity.