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Synonyms for spheric

having the shape of a curve everywhere equidistant from a fixed point

Synonyms for spheric

having the shape of a sphere or ball

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Multi Fabrindo Gemilang produces 200,000 tons of spheric tanks, 1,000 tons of mooring buoys, 500 tons of process piping, 360 units of pressure vessels, 30,000 tons of bridges and 16,000 tons of tower a year.
Among these pieces she has taken a square from the spheric form, and has built an almost cubic container form.
The Orthosphere[R] (Wright Medical, Arlington, Tennessee, USA), a Zirconia spheric prosthesis, was reported by Athwal and coworkers to have unacceptable results.
Instead, the Y-axis on the 130SV is controlled by Gleason Spheric Shaving software, which provides the linear motion to make the precise corrections required.
Among the renewed disciplines, one could list infinitesimal geometry, spheric geometry, and so on.
The restriction to spheric uroliths reduces model complexity.
Kant's caution in the Physical Monadology in not rejecting empty space entirely may rest on the fact that cubic monads having a spheric shape (their limits being defined radially) even in a dense complex do not allow space to be filled completely.
calyx Schulze has shorter inflated pinulus and spheric oxyhexasters; H.
1924-25, Bronze Spheric Theme (Variation), 1964-66, Vertical Construction No.
the blending of all colors; their square and spheric forms started the
With a transition from Mendelssohn to the spheric sounds of Gyorgi Ligeti, Neumeier's choreographic style changes from the classical idiom (with Petipa and Bournonville quotations) to modernist, athletic movement, partly in extreme slow motion to evoke an unreal world with snakelike creatures.
They claimed that the NA-11 particles have a tetragonal shape model and better dispersed in iPP compared with the sodium benzoate with the shape model of spheric.
His music is original, vibrant and always spheric says Ineke Tuijten the personal manager and musical director of Willem Martens.
The science is good and clinical testing confirms the benefits, but most patients cannot tell the difference between fellow eyes, if one has an aspheric IOL and the other a standard spheric IOL.