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any of various pale or ashy mosses of the genus Sphagnum whose decomposed remains form peat

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In essence, the aim has been to establish 'nurse crops' of grasses and shrubs to stabilise bare peat, allowing more rainfall to infiltrate, raising the water table and creating the right conditions for sphagnum moss.
Get a top cutting from a healthy mature plant about three inches long and wrap the lower portion with sterilized sphagnum moss.
Peat bogs consist of waterlogged soil that is made up of partially decomposed vegetation such as sphagnum moss.
Throughout World War I, sphagnum moss was collected near where I live to be used as dressings on injured soldiers.
My aim was to use the traditional elements of the floral basket - sphagnum moss, compost, colourful plants and some herbs to create a beautiful centrepiece which would celebrate our country's gardening and late spring and early summer colour.
Place the shield over a wad of sphagnum moss (soaked and wrung out) and secure to the wood with fishing line.
Dust with hormone rooting powder and keep the wound open with sphagnum moss.
The sphagnum moss is an important source of acidity and its percentage can be adjusted depending on the preferred acidity of the plants and animals.
Designed and manufactured by Creative Water Solutions, LLC (“CWS”), these environmentally friendly products utilize sustainably-sourced sphagnum moss to reduce a pool or spa's need for chemicals, improve water quality, and more.
Brush the wound with rooting hormone compound and wedge a matchstick into the cut, then tape a sleeve of polythene around the bottom of the cut, plugging the sleeve with sphagnum moss for the roots to grow into and then seal the top.
Lightly cover the seed with milled (shredded) sphagnum moss, as the moss has antiseptic qualities.
Prevent this problem by adding a half-inch layer of light-colored sphagnum moss to the top of your seed-starting mix.
Researchers with the University of California have found that this sphagnum moss contains bacteria that compete with the harmful fungus and also secrete an antibiotic compound to prevent growth of the fungus.
The sphagnum moss and bonsai method; an illustrated handbook.
Add sphagnum moss or even cushion stuffing as filler and then add grass, oat or lawn seed.