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a motile male gamete of a plant such as an alga or fern or gymnosperm


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The fine structure of mature spermatozoids of Chara corallina, with special reference to microtubules and scales.
Vitamin A, vitamin D, vitamin E, ram, seminal plasma, spermatological characteristics, sperm motility, abnormal spermatozoid, scrotal circumference, tocopherols
In some individuals, liquid backflow through the vagina after the injection of the spermatozoid occurred when inseminating both the SD and Lewis rats.
Sperm concentration was determined by direct counting of spermatozoids in a Neubauer chamber, by diluting a sample of 20 [micro]L into 2 mL of distilled water, obtaining a final dilution of 1:200, being the result presented in mm3.
LYSSA: Maybe, just maybe, this time one tiny spermatozoid will take a look at your highly desirable eggs and say, "Hi there, cutie
Moreover, during the mating of anuran amphibians, protein-containing foam rises, which facilitates chemotaxis and contact of the spermatozoid for fecundation.
This testosterone is necessary to develop and divide germinal cells which are the first phase to form spermatozoid [7].
Measurements were made of the acinus diameter in male and female gonads, and of spermatozoid acrosome length.
At the belt line of his black polo-neck was a picture of a spermatozoid curved into the Nike squiggle with the caption: JUST DID IT.
Obtained ejaculates were immediately placed in a thermostat at 37 [degrees]C, to avoid changes in spermatozoid mobility.
The spermatozoid of Microcycas calocoma: Ultrastructure.
On the other hand, because sperm has a large number of mitochondria, the experimental in INVITRO conditions on spermatozoid cells done and the effects of iron nanoparticles on the sperm, due to infertility sperm [29].
In conclusion, the weight of the organisms and the weight of the spermatophore were significantly higher in feral than in farmed male shrimps; however, even though spermatozoid counts were also higher in wild than in farmed specimens (6.