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the act of reducing spending

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Summary: WASHINGTON -- US President Barack Obama on Tuesday urged Congress to pass a small package of spending cuts and tax reforms to delay larger, automatic cuts from going into effect and damaging the economy on March 1.
But in 2014-15 there would be another 2% spending cut.
With the government and the ruling camp agreeing on the spending cut plan, the two sides will start full-fledged discussions on revenue reforms.
The DPJ is calling for a 10 trillion yen government spending cut over the next three years and a cap of fresh government bond issuance to less than 30 trillion yen in fiscal 2008, according to the pledge, to be formally announced this week.
The Kasich plan offers a starting point for more dramatic spending cuts.
In this Spending Cut Alert, CAGW compared the FY 2012 Energy & Water bill to the recommendations contained in its 2011 Prime Cuts database and found three significant spending cuts that, if enacted, would save taxpayers $618 million in FY 2012 and $3.
2 ( ANI ): A deal to reverse the effects of America's fall over the 'fiscal cliff' is again in danger after Republicans in the House of Representatives rebelled over the lack of spending cuts.
While Taro Aso, chairman of the Policy Research Council of the Liberal Democratic Party (LDP) voiced support for Nikai's view, Kazuo Kitagawa, policy chief of the New Komeito party, said it is too early to propose spending cuts.
Announcing the proposed income tax rise for people earning more than PS33,000 while delivering his draft Budget last week, Finance Secretary Derek Mackay said it would prevent spending cuts for most departments.
3bn in income from Government as spending cuts kicked in, a study found.
Britain is only half way through the "Age of Austerity" as it was once dubbed by Prime Minister David Cameron, with billions more in spending cuts to come until at least 2019.
Washington, Muharram 10, 1435, Nov 13, 2013, SPA -- The 16-day government shutdown and sharp federal spending cuts helped lower the U.
THE Government could be forced to raise PS6 billion in new taxes after the general election in 2015 despite Chancellor George Osborne's latest round of spending cuts, experts have warned.
0 percent the IMF previously forecast, due to the impact of the spending cuts and the weaker global economic environment.
Presumably by yet more public spending cuts since, according to UKIP, the current government's cuts are not deep enough.