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(used of funds) remaining after taxes


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That analysis also should include a free cash flow analysis to determine spendable income.
The ED proposes to distinguish such non-spendable resources reflected in fund balance from the portion of fund balance that reflects resources which are, in fact, spendable, at least in the future, if not now.
Despite higher interest rates, households are still keen to unlock money tied up in their house into a more spendable form.
Readers will learn how Lease-Options work to simply and safely build an investment portfolio; how to generate steady, spendable cash flow through Lease-Options; finding the right real estate market to safely invest in for a reliable return; profitably manage properties while avoiding ongoing maintenance expenses eating into the bottom line; recruiting the right management team to build and guard a real estate based investment portfolio; even how to invest in a Lease Option investment strategy without the necessity of owning property.
The company claims that the product "will accurately and automatically determine a business' fair market value and structure the market financing needed to assure that the final determination of value doesn't exceed the business/income property's ability to simultaneously: support its structured debt service; pay a fair market value to the owner (based on industry standards); pay a fair market return on the investment; and structure the required financing around the business/income property's ability to generate a spendable income stream.
It directly reduces their spendable income, because they are not able to conserve their use of gas very easily - their trips to work and to the store.
Since the Salvation Army is not sufficiently high-end for one square yard of public space outside of Target, my spendable 20s and 50s are no longer high-end enough to go inside, either.
Put another way, it's having enough spendable income to enjoy holidays without scrimping.
Examples include preparing a list of community property; valuating (named) items; analyzing tax ramifications of proposed property division or spousal support; or analyzing spendable income for the purpose of determining spousal and child support.
com's new Spendable Income Index has shown the cost of servicing the household is rising with increases in water, gas and electricity bills as well as insurance, council tax and mortgages.
Consequently, the introduction of reverse mortgages could give some seniors a way to convert their unrealized fixed asset values into spendable cash.
The Cabinet Office, meanwhile, reports that the savings rate for spendable family income in 2001 declined 2.
Despite economic downturns, we must depend even more on our fundraising colleagues to increase endowments and spendable income, thereby allowing us to increase funded tuition discounting.
Coinstar is the big blue machine in the foyer of your local Asda or Sainsbury's that instantly converts loose coins into spendable cash.
Coinstar is the big blue machine in the supermarket foyer that instantly converts loose coins into spendable cash.