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(used of funds) remaining after taxes


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If nonspendable money is more like a thing and less like a measure, and Cajetan has already said that the expertise of monetary exchange pertains to money as a measure and not to money as a thing (because the expertise of monetary exchange pertains to the secondary use of money, which considers it as a measure), then why is he now allowing for the possibility that monetary exchange can encompass the exchange of spendable money (a measure) for nonspendable money (a thing)?
Each two years, every voter is given a $50 tax rebate voucher assignable to and spendable only by in-district candidates for Congress or president.
Begin the process by adding up all the spendable cash that came in during 2014.
Richardson adds that people using the RMD as a guide to a good spendable amount in retirement fail to account for market volatility.
Don knew the difference between balance sheet equity and spendable equity (cash).
Secondly, it means more spendable income for the U.
This demographic likes to spend money on food and the have the spendable income.
The raising of VAT at the beginning of 2012 to 27% and steeply rising food prices reduced the spendable income of customers.
A financial firm is considered liquid if it can obtain immediately spendable funds at reasonable cost exactly when it needs them.
We've realised how sensitive Japanese people holding spendable money are to gold prices," said Takeshi Sakai, general manager of Mitsubishi Materials Corp's precious metals division.
79) Pursuant to the amendments, these same individuals would receive 75% of the decedent's spendable earnings (which is an import of Senate Bill 669's average weekly wage amendments).
In other words, she has a spendable income of $20,000 from her IRA.
Sometimes called a "discretionary" fund, this pool of spendable dollars grows from small donations, usually from honors alumni.
60 in spendable income after Junior's tuition bill is paid through the business.
Joshi was quoted as saying "The way the Indian market is headed with its people having better spendable income, there will always be space for bigger bikes.