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explore natural caves


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No great physical skill or specialized equipment is necessary to summit or spelunk it, and it offers a warm welcome year-round.
The entrepreneurs will be working on five projects: open-data initiatives; Blue Button for America, which is expanding to all Americans the capability we've made available to veterans; MyGov, a system that enables citizens to interact with the government using a single channel as opposed to having to spelunk our 1,200-plus Web sites; RFP-EZ, which will make it easier for the federal government to procure IT solutions from small technology companies; and the 20% Campaign, an effort led by USAID1 to transition foreign assistance from cash to electronic payments.
Then there are other caves to spelunk at Glenwood Caverns Adventure Park (www.
Maybe you don't," she continued, seeming to take no notice of the large car trying to spelunk our tailpipe.
This is great fun but also helps us spelunk deeper and deeper into his world.
I didn't go swimming in crashing surf or lightning flashes or climb cliffs with ropes and pitons or kayak in whitewater rapids or spelunk claustrophobically.