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impure zinc containing about three percent lead and other impurities (especially in the form of ingots)

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In 1990, there were 57 plywood mills in the South; by 2000 the number had dropped to 50, according to Spelter at Forest Products Laboratory.
It might be difficult to believe after the price increases of wood products just after Katrina, but Henry Spelter of the U.
Bridgend council is to convert an industrial unit on the Spelter Industrial Estate in Caerau, near Maesteg, into a training centre.
Here, boxwood sprigs and berries surround an antique Victorian spelter statue of Sir Walter Raleigh; treasured old Persian blue opaline boxes filled with fresh coral and yellow roses create a personal welcome at each place setting.
According to Pieter van Dam's Beschryvinge van de Oostindische Compagnie, spelter was carried in bulk on the Sta.
The building, at the Spelter industrial estate in Maestag, underwent a major refurbishment to bring it in line with all appropriate hygiene regulations which, together new equipment, cost in excess of [pounds]200,000.
The new units will provide space for the business to move the cake plant out of the Spelter site so they can increase production, expand and concentrate on the recently acquired Burts Cakes and Biscuits, which is already well established and growing.
We also ensured the operational status of the wood products mills is considered based on the most recent information available through databases such as Spelter et al.
When her father died in 1892, Amy saved his spelter works in Llansamlet from collapse and campaigned for education, supporting the Ragged School in Pleasant Street, JENNIE KIRKLAND AND MARGARET KIRKLAND Jennie and Margaret came to Swansea with their father in 1895 and opened a shoe shop in Goat Street.
During this time route 10 buses will terminate on Ryhope Road, close to Global Fitness; route 11 buses from Grangetown towards Sunderland will start at this bus stop and operate via Ryhope Road, Spelter Works Road, and Old Commercial Road, rejoining normal route at Corporation Road beside the allotments.
Between these, in well painted Gothic niches interspersed by columns, stand three gilt spelter figures: the central figure is of Christ enthroned, to his right stands Saint Louis, King of France (in addition to holding his customary crown of thorns, he has a hand-topped staff as depicted in his portrait by El Greco), to Christ's left stands a queen or saint holding an orb and purse - she may represent Queen Margaret of Provence or, more probably, Queen Blanche of Castile, Louis' mother.
41 Spelter is a common commercial form of which metal?
Bridgend College will be running the teaching arm of the training centre, which has been set up in the Spelter Industrial Estate, Nantyffyllon, near Maesteg.
Best Buy plans to open a 45,000-SF store in Fayetteville by spring, said Connie Spelter, a company spokeswoman.
A raid yesterday recovered a complete battery for the manufacture of coins, casts, spelter and moulds.