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hardy wheat grown mostly in Europe for livestock feed

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Spelt can be found in health food stores year-round in a variety of forms, including spelt berries, flour, bread and pasta.
By that I mean words like `accommodation' and if you look at the title of my book, `Accomodating Brocolli in the Cemetary or why can't anybody spell', I have deliberately included words that look like they're spelt properly but aren't.
His parents named him Aron but when Elvis sought to change it to the more usual spelling he discovered that it had been spelt Aaron on his birth records.
OK, so I spelt hippopotamus wrong, ha, ha, but it doesn't change the fact you look like one.
Don Stinchcomb, president of Purity Foods, says that his company became interested in marketing spelt after naturopathic physicians in the Detroit area began recommending it to their patients with chronic debilitative diseases such as cancer.