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a contest in which you are eliminated if you fail to spell a word correctly

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At the end of the proverbial day, however, Alwyn Evans should surely take on board that we were in the middle of a General Election campaign, not a spelling contest, as in Top of the Form on BBC Radio, years ago.
CIMA Sri Lanka and the Department of Education launched the second annual English spelling contest.
An impromptu spelling contest was won by Phil when he quickly, without a second of hesitation, spelled Daisuke Matsuzaka.
An exceptional, well-rounded youth in every way, Connie recently became overall champion in her school's spelling contest and now looks forward to fulfilling another dream.
Richard Gere, Flora Cross (both above) and Juliette Binoche star in this tale of a father escaping the collapse of his marriage by plunging himself headlong into his 11-year-old daughter Eliza's attempt to win a national spelling contest.
But when odd little Eliza begins winning those spelling contest, Saul concentrates his attention on coaching her - and on exploring the possibility that her gift for letters may be a sign that she has a rare, kabbalistic connection directly to God.
A high point was National Scripps Spelling Contest champ David Tidmarsh, who served as judge for Jack and Jill contest this year.
A high point was meeting National Scripps Spelling Contest champ David Tidmarsh, who served as judge for the Jack and Jill contest this year.
Spelling comes easy to Anselm Plummer - which is why, at the age of 12, he's through to the final of a Pop Idol-style spelling contest.
Spellbound is about a group of geeky American kids who enter a spelling contest.
Amanda also suggests adding more educational activities--she enjoyed a spelling contest that was put together for the girls.
The Springfield School District held its annual spelling contest last week.
This was for the first time since 1962 that the annual spelling contest had ended in a tie.
Billed as a mix of Riverdance and the hit documentary Spellbound, about teenagers trying to win a spelling contest, it opens in Scotland next month and will give Irish dancing its highest profile since Michael Flatley did a jig on stage.