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an electronic dictionary in a word processor that can be used to catch misspelled words

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Word's spelling checker compares every word typed with a list of words contained in a lexicon file (with a .
It is important to note the link between the text language and the spelling checker.
The word processor module offers mail merge, a spelling checker, a thesaurus, text attributes and the ability to import graphics.
Additionally, QUALCOMM announced that it will integrate a spelling checker with the Eudora Pro software for both Macintosh and Windows versions.
Additionally, a spelling checker is integrated into both versions to allow users to easily create professional-looking documents and minimize the possibility of miscommunication.
Spelling checker: The optional spelling checker provides an
He believes it is being added by computer spelling checkers.
While text-management tools (including spelling checkers, information retrieval and routing systems and on-line news clipping services) treat proper names as unknown words, NameTag treats proper names for what they are -- the principal units for identifying and categorizing information.