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an electronic dictionary in a word processor that can be used to catch misspelled words

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Word's spelling checker compares every word typed with a list of words contained in a lexicon file (with a .
Even Microsoft knows Orwell's words for these phenomena, which show up in the spelling checker right alongside the names of mercenary banks, pacifying drugs, and multinational entities: group-think and newspeak.
The MITINET/marc spelling checker is the first integrated MARC-based spelling checker available to libraries.
Additionally, QUALCOMM announced that it will integrate a spelling checker with the Eudora Pro software for both Macintosh and Windows versions.
Additionally, a spelling checker is integrated into both versions to allow users to easily create professional-looking documents and minimize the possibility of miscommunication.
Spelling checker: The optional spelling checker provides an
He believes it is being added by computer spelling checkers.
Furugori, "Improved Spelling Checkers for Japanese Users of English," IEEE Transactions on Professional Communication 33, no.