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the scientific study of caves


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the pastime of exploring caves

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The main aim of the implementation of the winning competition proposal, in addition to increasing the attractiveness of areas of cultural heritage for environmental education - Slovak Museum of Nature Protection and Speleology in Liptovsky Mikulas is mainly improve the possibilities and forms of museum presentation in order to expand and improve the products offered Slovak Museum of Nature Protection and Speleology.
Website visitors interested in speleology will find educational articles on caves and karst, recommended books, DVDs and caving gear, as well as caving resource links and details on how to obtain the new Missouri "The Cave State" license plates.
Such modern technology allows caves to be measured to the nearest millimeter, according to Andy Eavis, president of the International Union of Speleology, the world caving authority, based in France.
Focusing particularly on the work of Djebar and Landsman, he shows ways in which a country's past needs to be re-interpreted through women's eyes in order to visualise a more egalitarian future, while also commenting on the difficulties inherent in this project of speleology, a haunting and evocative image of personal and national exploration used by Djebar.
Geology and Speleology were yet to develop as sciences, yet Lewis & Clark made significant observations of karst, pseudokarst, and paleokarst features.
For those into speleology, there are many southern Indiana caves to explore.
The dangers attendant on speleology have perhaps not been sufficiently emphasized.
But author Roger Brucker, who has explored many of Mammoth Cave's 365 miles of passageways and has taught speleology for Western Kentucky University for 21 years, said that nothing could stop a spill once it occurs.
159-160 in Proceedings of the eighth international congress of speleology (B.
Scientists who study this fascinating underground world, and the organisms that live there, are called speleologists (spee-lee-ahl-ehjests) after the study of caves - speleology.
The area has been converted into a museum of speleology in miniature and an educational laboratory where students can investigate and know Dominican nature," commented Padre Julio Cicero, a noted local religious leader.
The design of the method and the possibility of building Slovak Museum of Nature Protection and Speleology in Liptovsky Mikulas for information and promotion activities, interactive learning programs in a permanent exhibition with a comprehensive view of the nature and protected areas of Slovakia (including Natura 2000) for different target groups in jednoteinterieroveho architectural and audiovisual works, interactive educational programs directly related to the action plan for promoting sustainable development (hereinafter referred to as "SD") in the Slovak Republic, in the section relating to the improvement of environmental education of the population and improvement of environmental education.