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a person who explores caves

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Every speleologist has experienced the characteristic oppression of the lungs and the tiredness caused by breathing carbon dioxide--enriched air in badly ventilated caves.
Fogarty is a speleologist with years of experience mapping and exploring Maya caves.
To borrow an old description, me trying to explore the Gorna Slatina Cave in Macedonia was like trying to push a camel through the eye of a needle," this seasoned speleologist says about his caving adventure.
Past Laureates have included a wine-maker who is also a world-class speleologist, a taxi driver who has become a renowned beetle expert, and a former teacher who now runs the world's largest bicycle-recycling scheme.
Celebrated speleologist Andy Eavis is joined by award winning cameraman Gavin Newman to re-live two decades of pioneering cave exploration in China's previously inaccessible underground world.
As his Jaguar coupe hugs to the bend of an A-road just outside Hull, the straight-talking speleologist Andy Eavis says, "I have probably been responsible for the discovery of more unknown places than any other living person.
For the past 35 years an Italian speleologist and professor of zoology named Valerio Sbordoni has explored the caves and sotanos, or subterranean chambers, of Mexico in search of new forms of life.
Next year, Rolex Laureate and world-renowned speleologist, JeanFrancois Pernette leads a major expedition to Patagonia to chart the vast network of unexplored caves in the Ultima Esperanza province.
A French speleologist who plans to explore and map the most southerly caves on Earth, a Canadian biologist working with Filipino fishermen to preserve seahorses and a Sri Lankan surgeon who is reducing the incidence of severe burns from unsafe bottle lamps are among the winners in the 1998 Rolex Awards for Enterprise.
He is the world's foremost speleologist and has spent 30 of his 44 years exploring more than 100 great caves in Europe, Asia and the Americas.
Since winning his Rolex award in 1996, Gilli, a 40-year old geology lecturer at Nice University, speleologist and director of the private Centre of Karstic Studies also based in Nice, has been working on a number of cave expeditions in Costa Rica, Kobe in Japan and Los Angeles, all areas of high seismic activity, to compare cave damage with earthquakes of known date and intensity.
This stopped many speleologists -- studiers of caves -- until Sami Karkabi, a founding member of the Speleo Club, scaled the wall, which eventually took his name: "Falaise Karkabi.
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Exploring a cave at Suva Gora, speleologists found human remains, a fragment of an activated projectile for a hand rocket launcher, a hunting rifle and several pieces of clothes and reported them to the police.