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Speedwell hoped to grow domestic production of organic cereals, said director Andrew Charlton.
The Speedwell - the Pilgrims' second ship, which intended to sail with the Mayflower to the New World - had to turn back because it was unseaworthy.
Initially, a second ship, the Speedwell, accompanied the Mayflower, but leaks forced passengers to abandon the trip, saddling the remaining ship with too many Pilgrims.
Second, it paints a vivid word-picture of Speedwell, a struggling and long-abandoned Mennonite community and, although a number of comparable accounts (set elsewhere) exist, most of them are not readily accessible to non-Mennonite readers.
In 1991, Jean Kelly founded the Speedwell Trust, a voluntary organisation working for peace and reconciliation in Northern Ireland.
On July 22, 1620, 18 exiled British Protestants boarded the schooner Speedwell at Delfshaven after praying for a safe journey in the Oude Kerk on the quayside.
The glossy leaves of soapwort and finely textured carpets of Turkish speedwell stay green for most of the winter.
Heeding the call, such companies as Speedwell Derivatives, in London, and U.
ROYAL PREVIEW can defy a penalty in the Speedwell Blue Handicap (3.
They had no contingency plan in place to counter such a disaster, nor did they properly distribute the load between the Speedwell and Mayflower.
The ribbon on Oakwood House, in Speedwell Road, in Edgbaston, will be be cut by the Lord Lietuenant of the West Midlands, Paul Chandrasekharan Sabapathy CBE.
On June 18 the coach left school shortly after 8am and, in just over two hours, was parked up not far from Speedwell Cavern.
A Taranto B Cagliari C Palermo D Ajaccio QUESTION 11 - for 11 points: Speedwell and bird's eye are common names for which flowering plant?
As part of the Speedwell Trust events, the kids from St Bernard's and Cregagh primary schools in South and East Belfast, waved the flags of each community.