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In the first month, more than 6,000 motorists were caught speeding at four sites in the city: | Camera 1 - A4540 New John Street West: 1,084 offences | Camera 2 - B4114 Bradford Road between Old Croft Lane and Chester Road: 68 offences | Camera 3 - B4114 Bradford Road between Chester Road and Old Croft Lane: 72 offences | Camera 4 - Bristol Road between Priory Road and Speedwell Road: 4,889 offences A spokesman for the Speed Camera Partnership said: "Like most other road safety schemes, the cameras are enforced on a rolling basis.
The MHC's decision to occupy Speedwell reflected a widespread belief that engaging in profitable labour and securing economic independence could have significant rehabilitative effects on certain disaffected social groups.
Veronica, also called bird's eye, gypysweed or speedwell, is easy to grow and will brighten any garden.
LJ, of Speedwell, Bristol, said: "I loved its physicality but as I developed I learned the discipline that goes with it.
It left Plymouth with fellow ship Speedwell, but the latter proved unseaworthy and bad weather forced both ships to return to England twice.
Darren Walker, 45 from Speedwell Road in Tyesley, Birmingham, is wanted in connection with a serious oence on May 20.
The operation occurred on hideout of armed Taliban in Speedwell region, Daimardad district.
On June 18 the coach left school shortly after 8am and, in just over two hours, was parked up not far from Speedwell Cavern.
And within hours they had arrested a man at Church View House, an eight-storey blocK of flats in PaddocK close to the former Commercial pub and Speedwell Surgery.
Father-of-three Scott MacAlister, 40, who lived on the Isle of Luing, died when the prawn trawler Speedwell went down near Easdale island, south of Oban, in April.
Should this form of speedwell wane from flowering in mid summer, cut the plants back by half to rejuvenate them.
These monographs include old favourites such as dandelion, horsetail and Calendula, and the less familiar maral root (Rhaponticum carthamoides) and speedwell (Veronica spp).
30pm on Thursday, a thief sneaked into a house through an unlocked door on Speedwell, Beacon Lough, and stole a handbag and cash.
The crew of Speedwell, owned by Colin Geeves (far right) accepting their trophies from Commodore Matt Allen.
Speedwell Farming was officially launched at the National Organic Cereals event in Suffolk last week.