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(phonetics) an individual sound unit of speech without concern as to whether or not it is a phoneme of some language

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Unconsciously-used rules about speech sounds and sound combinations in spoken words for speaking and listening; speech pathologists exploit these rules for speech sound therapy, but people are generally unaware of them.
Both laryngeal and esophageal speakers have a vocal tract to shape speech sounds and a voice source that may be controlled to a greater or lesser degree.
They bring together scholarly background information and practical assessment tools by providing a chapter on each (one with background on the research base, etiology, classification, diagnostic criteria, associated clinical conditions, postassessment counseling, and a descriptive overview; the other with protocols) as related to commonly assessed communication disorders: speech sound production, language skills, fluency, voice disorders, and nonverbal and minimally verbal children.
of Wisconsin) develops an etiologic classification system for childhood speech sound disorders of currently unknown origin.
It was intended to make a completely jumbled up speech sound clear but it can do the same in reverse and that is what has gone wrong this morning.
The physical theory of sound production Co specifically speech sound Co is used to create a clinical index of disease prognostics for use in medical and dental clinics.
This project focuses on disorders associated with problems of the physiological and anatomical system (namely, voice disorders, speech sound disorders, motor speech disorders, and the associated disabilities in children and adults).
Infants pay greater attention to new sounds, so researchers compared how long a group of 6-month-olds focused on a speech sound they were familiarized with -"tea"' - to a new speech sound, "ta.
Multilingual aspects of speech sound disorders in children.
Renewal of media technology equipment in lecture halls of the University of Stuttgart Easy video projection,: - Double video projection with Soft Edge installations: - Speech sound systems,: - Wireless microphone systems,: - Media control.
So would Churchill's famous wartime speech sound - as rewritten by today's top brass.
and Canada specializing in children's speech sound disorders contribute 18 chapters to a resource text designed to provide the broad and balanced knowledge needed for informed clinical decision making.
Conversely, most children who encounter reading failure demonstrate a basic deficit in speech perception and speech sound processing.
6 ( ANI ): Older adults who took music lessons as kids but haven't actively played an instrument in years have a faster brain response to a speech sound than people who never played an instrument, a new study has suggested.
The book is careful to distinguish between cultural language differences and language disorders, with three chapters devoted to bilingual and diverse culture and language: African American English in the classroom, bilingual language acquisition and learning, and bilingual speech sound development and disorders.
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