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CxF can include spectral color values, named colors such as PANTONE([R]), color spaces and appearance effects (specific lighting conditions, type of substrate, type of ink, density, opacity, transparency of the color, gloss, texture, position and shape of color patches), as well as commercial aspects, mathematical, optical conditions, etc.
This method employs electronic definition of color names, spectral color data, color evaluation geometry, and acceptability criteria.
The ChromaxPro is the world's first dye-sublimation color proofing system to use ChroMATCH Spectral Color Technology to deliver "the most accurate color we've ever seen on a desktop printer.
a leading manufacturer of high-performance digital proofing devices, is announcing an affordable 36" wide format inkjet digital color proofing system that utilizes Spectral Color information.
NewGen and SeeColor will work together to create new digital proofing products using spectral color software.
Diamond Variables are exceptionally dramatic with intense spectral colors, producing two distinct interference colors that appear as iridescent luminosity.
The new finding has implications for hazards from Near-Earth Objects and for mining asteroids for space-based resources and a potential target identified as primitive and rich in volatiles/organics and carbon based on its spectral colors could in fact be just shocked material with entirely different composition.
The seeming uniformity of his palette enables extremely fine distinctions, as he blends his ostensibly unassuming gray from acrylic paints of various spectral colors, creating it afresh for each new picture across a gamut extending from very light gray to very nearly black.
Supplies specialty pigments such as aluminum and black iron types, as well as "Geometric" particles that produce different spectral colors when viewed at various angles.
will introduce Geometric Pigments, which are holographically embossed, vacuum metallized, die-cut particles that produce different spectral colors when viewed at different angles in clear polymers.
From its perch in lunar orbit, M3's state-of-the-art spectrometer measured light reflecting off the moon's surface at infrared wavelengths, splitting the spectral colors of the lunar surface into small enough bits to reveal a new level of detail in surface composition.
Under certain conditions, several spectral colors may be visible, especially on more contoured surface areas of the sheet metal.
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