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a sport that many people find entertaining to watch

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Meanwhile, those who determine the future of spectator sports -- 18- to 34-year-olds -- are the age group least likely to favor football.
Presumably men's beach volleyball is a spectator sport for women.
Using the respondents' answers to the three items of spectator sport attitudes as criteria I performed K-means cluster analyses to divide the sample into a strong-attitude group (n = 551, M = 4.
Liz Matkin, The Co-operative's sponsorship manager, said, "At a time when every pound in a consumer's pocket counts, the statistics show rugby league is the best value for money out of these three major spectator sports.
Celebrity dysfunction may be a spectator sport in America, but at moments like this, we realize that it's not so frivolous after all.
WE have to admit football is only a spectator sport in Scotland now - in short, watching Johnny Foreigner to see how it's played.
A track meet can be the best spectator sport there is.
South Florida is a golfer's dream, but the most unusual spectator sport around is jai alai.
In the first part of this century, large-scale spectator sport undoubtedly helped to keep the masses relatively tranquil, as it did in ancient Rome (the role is played by television now, and football crowds, for instance, are much less docile than they used to be).
It blew King's mind that people around the world were united as viewers by the CNN footage into one giant coliseum enjoying this spectator sport for the 1990s--"Get the Warlord.
Based on these theories and values, it was hypothesized that people from the three countries were likely have different attitudes towards spectator sport and levels of team identification and to differ in the strengths of the relationships between spectator sport attitudes and team identification.
Wednesday) it became a spectator sport,'' said Highland coach Mike Timperio, whose boys' and girls' teams suffered their first losses this season.
It is not _ a spectator sport yet it remains part of the rich Wimbledon folklore and takes up space that so easily could be turned into marquees for yet more sponsors.
Enric Miralles' Spanish National Training Centre for Gymnastics at Alicante (p33) is not just a nursery for talent but a place in which gymnastics can be enjoyed as a spectator sport within dramatic performance spaces.
Played on a basketball court, where the tricked-out wheelchairs become both gracefully fluid chariots and blunt battering rams, quad rugby is a terrific spectator sport.