spectacled caiman

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caiman with bony ridges about the eyes

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As well as the primates, the team found three African dwarf crocodiles, a spectacled caiman, nine snakes - including boa constrictors and pythons - and two tortoises.
The spectacled caiman was found a new home at the Torremolinos crocodile park in Spain's Costa del Sol.
Anthony Quinn was desperate to get rid of the spectacled caiman because it had outgrown the bath of his 15th floor flat in Leith near Edinburgh.
Spectacled caiman grow to 8ft, have 70 razor-sharp teeth and can run at 20mph.
Inspectors from the Scottish Society for the Prevention of Cruelty to Animals swooped on the Selkirkshire town after a tip-off that the spectacled caiman was being kept without a licence.
The alligator, a Spectacled Caiman, is regarded by experts as being "very dangerous".
The sheriff said only the cold temperature in Quinn's flat kept the 4ft spectacled caiman docile.
The 15 to 20 centimetre baby spectacled Caimans were seized at Larnaca airport in October, after their arrival from the Netherlands along with a batch of 159 birds.
Chief veterinary officer Pavlos Toumazos said his department confiscated the baby spectacled caimans -- small crocodile like creatures - at Larnaca airport after their flight on Friday evening because the importer did not have licensed premises in which to keep them.
A number of people bought hatchling Spectacled Caimans (a form of South American crocodile) from a pet shop to keep as unusual and distinctive little pets.