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someone who draws up specifications giving details (as for obtaining a patent)

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Another problem is when a specifier chooses a manufacturer's luminaire type and clicks on it, some websites bring up many pages of luminaires of all different types.
In the first place, most determinatives can occur in functions other than specifier.
Without the other specifier (namely, synapomorphic character specifier), type in an apomorphy-based definition can specify only that type.
In English this is, as we shall see, the specifier position, in this case with respect to {P}; and Anderson (1997: 224-36) suggests that the subject is a "syntactically derived specifier".
The new version of the USP Specifier software contains some notable enhancements, including a Connector Design Interface for beam-to-joist type hangers, as well as the ability to identify connectors for a project in groups and subgroups.
While the intent is to create "equal ground" or "fair market competition," what the city is actually doing in far too many cases is watering down or negating the requirements that its specifier spent months deciding were important.
The ads are tailored to the main specifiers and users of the building blocks, namely architects, builders and contractors who will be directly affected by the new regulations.
The ads are tailored to the main specifiers and users of the building blocks, the architects and builders/contractors, who will be directly affected by the new regulations.
New Executive Editor for Connector Specifier, Steve Smith joins the masthead as well.
Architectural Specifier was launched in 1993 by G & M predecessor Century Communications.
Apply now for The Really Useful GA Handbook with everything 'Exclusively Aluminium' for the specifier, visit www.
IHS Publishing Group (Libertyville, IL), a division of Information Handling Services (Englewood, CO), has completed the divestiture of its publishing assets with the sale of SMT, SMT Asia/Pacific, Advanced Packaging, Connector Specifier and Vacuum & Thin- Film magazines to PennWell (Tulsa.
To apply for The Really Useful GA Handbook -- which has everything 'exclusively' aluminium for the specifier contact Gooding on fax 020 694 2004 or visit www.
By reducing color testing time and shortening the approval process by one-half, CIMS also decreases the costs involved in repetitive production and shipping of color chip samples back and forth from supplier to specifier in order to gain color agreement.
It is designed to operate various lighting loads -- such as low voltage transformer, neon, cold cathode and fluorescent -- without the need for interfaces, ensuring simplicity for specifier, installer and user.