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clearly and explicitly stated


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Yesterday, Aglaya Ivanovna forbade me to talk, and even specified the particular subjects I must not touch upon--she knows well enough that I am odd when I get upon these matters.
It was now a quarter of an hour beyond the specified time.
that the poison was wanted for the purposes specified by the gardener and the cook.
Several other less distinct breeds might have been specified.
Thus Radack group of atolls is an irregular square, 520 miles long and 240 broad; the Low Archipelago is elliptic-formed, 840 miles in its longer, and 420 in its shorter axis: there are other small groups and single low islands between these two archipelagoes, making a linear space of ocean actually more than 4000 miles in length, in which not one single island rises above the specified height.
Not without influence here was the necessity of filling a specified number of serial instalments, each of a definite number of pages, and each requiring a striking situation at the end.
This applies, however, only to those who are within the specified age: after that we allow them to range at will, except that a man may not marry his daughter or his daughter's daughter, or his mother or his mother's mother; and women, on the other hand, are prohibited from marrying their sons or fathers, or son's son or father's father, and so on in either direction.
The upshot of the business was, that Kit, after weighing the matter in his mind and considering it carefully, promised, on behalf of his mother, that she should be ready within two hours from that time to undertake the expedition, and engaged to produce her in that place, in all respects equipped and prepared for the journey, before the specified period had expired.
This rule generally provides that NQDC plan distributions on account of a separation from service to a "specified employee" (as defined in detail below) may not be made before the date that is six months after the date the specified employee separates from service (Regs.
In order to minimize indoor air pollutants, low--VOC (volatile organic compounds) adhesives and paints were specified.
After an injury-producing accident, many policies require that the injury, death or disability for which a claim is being made occur within a specified time period following the accident--usually 90 days--to assure the loss was caused by said accident.
1) Specified covered services are those listed in a revenue procedure to be issued from time to time; low margin covered services are those for which the median comparable mark-up does not exceed seven percent.
All expenses, including depreciation, for maintaining and operating the aircraft allocable to "recreation, entertainment or amusement" flights by "specified individuals" are disallowed unless the specified individuals include the imputed value of those expenses as income on their W-2s if they are employees or as a guaranteed payment if they are partners or LLC members.
Reimbursement for these costs under the grant is subject to the satisfaction of certain conditions by CombinatoRx Singapore, including completion of the development project for infectious disease within a specified timeline, spending specified amounts on the project, the completion of other development milestones and the maintenance of specified levels of employment in Singapore.
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