specific performance

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the performance of a legal contract as specified by its terms

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The court of appeal found for the Landlords, and ordered specific performance which allowed them to receive a combined Au540,000.
This study pertains to Dutch law, and the author explains in his introduction that it addresses two central questions: "First, under what circumstances is a creditor legally entitled to seek specific performance of an obligation?
Currently there are sliding shorts used in baseball; football girdles, etc that are sport specific performance products.
DSCR also holds separate meetings with each supplier to discuss specific performance metrics, issues, and improvement plans.
Each employee and supervisor should create an agreement that includes specific performance targets.
Second, he refutes the claim that making specific performance routinely available will result in efficiency losses or interfere with the liberty interest of promisors.
This Broadway dis-play is about specific performance - after time was not of the essence - and now there's a lis pendens hanging from the marquee.
Second, because the form was meant to be ephemeral and elite, tied to a specific performance and set of performers, no masque survives completely intact, and certain aspects remain necessarily irretrievable.
Beware real property owners: The mere filing of a suit for specific performance (regardless of its ultimate success or the merits) can potentially tie up your property for several years, with or without the existence of a lis pendens.
OTCBB: UBCI), a leader in Internet Broadcasting, announced today that live broadcasting for this weekend's Sport Specific Performance sponsored broadcast of the California Sports Hall of Fame Celebrity Golf Tournament will begin at 9 a.
2d 628 (1986), the Court of Appeals held that: "specific performance o f real property leases is not in this State awarded as a matter of course"; and affirmed the lower court's refusal to order specific performance there in favor of tenant.
s kids by including specific performance measurements in the contract for new superintendent Ruben Zacarias.
Theoretically Hivalloy could produce both specific performance alloys and blends of dissimilar waste materials for mixed-plastics recycling.
Legal practice areas targeted for more focus by the firm in the future, Williamson noted, will include: real property and business asset acquisition and sale; commercial lease preparation, negotiation and review; entity formation; specific performance (defense and prosecution) of real property purchase agreements; general real estate litigation, including landlord-tenant litigation, partition, easement, boundary and title and title insurance disputes; foreclosure litigation; quiet title actions; general business litigation, including contract and partnership disputes; and construction litigation.
Walter Hinneberg for specific performance of a sales agreement for the fee they say was negotiated prior to the auction.