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Synonyms for specific

Synonyms for specific

fixed and distinct from others

of, relating to, or intended for a distinctive thing or group

Synonyms for specific

a fact about some part (as opposed to general)


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a medicine that has a mitigating effect on a specific disease

(sometimes followed by 'to') applying to or characterized by or distinguishing something particular or special or unique

stated explicitly or in detail

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being or affecting a disease produced by a particular microorganism or condition

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Service learning was introduced as an integrated course requirement two years ago, first as a requirement for completing a specific number of service hours at a community agency and then, later, as a requirement for completing community-based projects.
As previously noted, engineers who perform the design, planning and implementation-engineering functions associated with a specific project are time-reporting employees, required to report 100% of their time.
First, with the exception of the fusion peptide, none of the presently identified "conserved" determinants is totally invariant, and each of these relatively invariant determinants may show increased variability under specific immune pressure.
For example, in a recent transaction, the buyer, concerned with the cyclical nature of the seller's business and working capital, created a working capital adjustment targeting only the specific items with which the buyer was concerned.
Throughout weeks, months, and even years of correct and specific execution, the CNS stores information on the techniques of the movement in the form of motor memory impressions.
When Lee Swanson and associates conducted a comprehensive review of 30 years of learning disabilities intervention research in 1999, they found two categories of interventions that seemed to produce large gains in student achievement: direct instruction of specific skills and learning strategy instructions.
The impeller design is a typical conflict between high efficiency and specific application considerations.
The Tox/Path researchers anticipate that these studies will enable them to both identify biomarkers of specific toxicity (by studying well-defined toxic end points) and apply these biomarkers at earlier times and lower doses in a predictive manner.
Since the refractory component of a coating is heavier than water, coatings have a lower specific gravity when they are diluted with water from concentrate to application level.
They typically are designed by software companies to support open-file backup of a specific application's data using their backup program.
In other words, when an individual initiates an intentional behavior sequence, it must be directed toward achieving some specific outcome.
The new product for advanced SMBs provides small and medium businesses with an integrated family of advanced enterprise applications tailored to the specific needs of sales-driven companies.
The benefits derived from this approach will manifest themselves in (1) the development of specific revenue and cost structures and (2) the negotiation of contractual agreements that are fair to both ancillary vendors and facility.