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Synonyms for specific

Synonyms for specific

fixed and distinct from others

of, relating to, or intended for a distinctive thing or group

Synonyms for specific

a fact about some part (as opposed to general)


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a medicine that has a mitigating effect on a specific disease

(sometimes followed by 'to') applying to or characterized by or distinguishing something particular or special or unique

stated explicitly or in detail

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being or affecting a disease produced by a particular microorganism or condition

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In remarks before the ABA Section of Taxation on May 5, 2006, you acknowledged any effective TAM process "must include among its characteristics an honest and forthright effort by the Service and Counsel to reevaluate any positions formulated in either the Case Specific or Generic Legal Advice in light of specific arguments advanced by the taxpayers and their representatives during the TAM process.
This would allow us to ensure that students were not merely completing a required number of service hours that may not give them the opportunity to utilize their discipline-specific skills, and also ensure that projects were not too specific to one area of their discipline.
Costs drivers are collected either in directly reported project hours or in specific dollars of material used.
Indeed, preliminary studies have shown that no escape mutants emerged in SCID mice treated with a combination of MAbs specific for M2e of wild-type PR8 and the P10H and P10L escape mutants (unpub.
With this information, a buyer can: a) agree with the seller's valuation and submit an aggressive bid; b) walk away from the deal if it is overvalued; c) consider options such as earn-outs to keep the seller with some "skin" in the game; or d) develop purchase price adjustments targeting the buyer's specific financial concerns.
from brain to muscle) information to the working muscles regarding the specific muscle firing pattern, body positioning, and appendage (i.
Widely quoted sources claim misfile rates ranging from one to ten percent for documents in office files, but such claims are typically substantiated by anecdotal reports rather than scientific studies that present detailed statistical data about filing activity in specific work environments.
Other accommodations may be specific to the student's learning disability.
The specific speed--which is not the pump's real speed--tells us what type of work the pump will perform most efficiently (see definition 2).
The session participants shared myriad specific techniques to make practice time more efficient.
The Tox/Path researchers anticipate that these studies will enable them to both identify biomarkers of specific toxicity (by studying well-defined toxic end points) and apply these biomarkers at earlier times and lower doses in a predictive manner.
AFS 410-87-TS, Specific Gravity of Refractory Coatings: Gravimetric Method (i.
These beliefs are organized into three specific levels of abstraction:
The new product for advanced SMBs provides small and medium businesses with an integrated family of advanced enterprise applications tailored to the specific needs of sales-driven companies.
The benefits derived from this approach will manifest themselves in (1) the development of specific revenue and cost structures and (2) the negotiation of contractual agreements that are fair to both ancillary vendors and facility.