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u] only; moreover no particular R is specifiable, in agreement with one of the basic hypotheses of the relativity according which all reference systems are equivalent to describe the physical systems.
Collins's philosophical bottom line is 'that judgement (or the proposition judged) is not the given in matters linguistic; rather, we should view structured linguistic meaning as the product of a general mechanism--Merge, but call it what you like--that is specifiable independently of any judgements at all, and which targets intrinsically complex items' (x).
A taboo is defined by the linguists Keith Allan and Kate Burridge as "a proscription of behaviour for a specifiable community of one or more persons, at a specifiable time, in specifiable contexts.
But Lord Justice Elias, sitting in London today with Mr Justice Edwards-Stuart and Judge Neil Ford QC, rejected the suggestion that Davey would be safe for release in any specifiable period.
Sebald uses both relations of correspondence and the digression as the chief means of narrative movement in The Rings of Saturn, and they have the effect of making strange the conventions of novelistic progress, with its presumption that effects follow from specifiable causes.
Whether in politics or in policy, in courts or in the media, one assumes that each human group "has" some kind of "culture" and that the boundaries between these groups and the contours of their cultures are specifiable and relatively easy to depict.
Certainly one can trace, through all of these, specifiable recurring characteristics of style and theme that would point to an overall author called Anthony Mann.
This is deeply indebted to sociologists like Talcott Parsons, whose functionalist approach, especially prominent in the 1950s, argued that society divides us into complementary gender roles in order to enable the society to function effectively in certain specifiable ways (Parsons, 1954).
The non-objectivity of music--meaning not only its lack of specifiable reference but also its lack of a specific object or addressee--figures centrally in "A Toccata of Galuppi's.
The structure is an organized whole composed of parts that have specifiable functions and occupy determinate positions within the whole.
A specifiable independent variable is provided that could be manipulated within or across therapists.
business decision, often to purchase a certain amount of a specifiable product or service at a specifiable price.
Why all this is important is that it is very much a reaction against a rationalised engineering-based approach that has dominated software development since its inception, 'waterfall,' a shorthand term for 'hard systems thinking', assumed requirements are fully specifiable in advance and that an optimal predictable solution exists for every requirement.
But the lack of a canon and the itinerant educational goals associated with an interdisciplinary approach present their own problems: educational goals "can rarely be stated in terms as student mastery of a specifiable body of knowledge, although certain skills may be identified.