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something at which a person excels

an area of academic study that is part of a larger body of learning

Synonyms for specialty

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However, if we could rework our thinking and tweak a couple of capabilities, we just might be able to turn the whole market into specialties, for the good of customer and producer alike.
The many specialties in the various social science disciplines are all trying to produce information relevant to the understanding of concrete social phenomena - and they do not always fail.
Opponents of accrediting specialization have expressed concern that formal recognition of specialties may increase a CPA's exposure to malpractice.
I believe there is no need to justify adding more designations to those specialties that already exist, particularly when one considers the effect on an area such as my own field--management consulting services.
Rayonier's unique high purity Cellulose Specialties fibers are used by customers worldwide in the manufacture of LCD screens for televisions, computers, phones and digital cameras; photographic film; cigarette filters; textiles; automotive filtration media; industrial tire cord; impact resistant plastics; paints; food products; and pharmaceuticals.
Lead physicians of each entity serve on the plan's Quality Management committee and are in the process of collaborating in the development of programs customized to the needs of their own specialties.
The Tax Division task force concluded that the accreditation of both narrow and broad tax specialties was not mutually exclusive.
The surgical specialties and OB/GYN departments scored highest in communicating expectations in all three areas.
Ben Van Assche was instrumental in the integration of the acquired Surface Specialties business into Cytec and I want to wish him well in his future endeavors.
Offering an extensive menu of specialized testing options for more than ten major medical specialties, Specialty provides hospitals, laboratories and specialist physicians a single-source solution to their non-routine testing needs.
NYSE:CYT) announced today that it has signed a definitive agreement to purchase the Surface Specialties business of UCB Group, a leading Belgium biopharmaceutical and specialty chemical company, for cash and stock valued at EUR 1.
MINNEAPOLIS & LONDON -- Sopheon, the international software and services company, announced today that Surface Specialties UCB, a unit of the UCB Group and a world leader in the production of technically innovative resins, films and adhesives for surface applications, is deploying Sopheon's Accolade product development system in Europe, the United States and Asia.
or "almost always" problematic for 16 of the 24 specialties
Additional findings from the more than 4,600 office- and hospital-based doctors across 22 specialties surveyed in Specialty Reps 2003 include:
Rosario Safina, CEO of United Specialties looks forward to discussing the recent corporate developments with InternetPlays.