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Synonyms for specialism

the concentration of your efforts on a particular field of study or occupation

the special line of work you have adopted as your career

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An organisation acting in the capacity of a neutral managed service provider only (thus not actually providing the multi specialism requirements in their own right,) but is neutral in selecting service providers to contracting authorities by means of managing the procurement and award selection process by their own methods which would be fully compliant with the protocols, standing financial instructions, UK/EU legislation that the contracting authorities would either operate on or approve, if they were conducting the procurement exercise themselves, and upon selection, manage the contractual arrangements between service provider and the contracting authority.
The scope was widened to include specialisms in modern foreign languages from 1994, and sports and arts from 1996.
This level of specialism has heavily influenced Hobson Prior's new visual identity, with bespoke imagery featuring synapses, DNA strands and atoms.
Generating ideas and being flexible, and having knowledge and expertise around a particular specialism are also very important qualities in the role of a recruitment consultant at the core of the workforce.
The Supporting Specialism Award recognises individuals who have made an exceptional contribution to one of Shaw healthcare's specialist areas of care, such as working with learning disabilities, mental health, substance misuse or lone working.
euro]e proposal for Longley - which is based at Dog Kennel Bank, Hudderseld - is to change its specialism so that it becomes a school only for pupils with autism.
The office will provide clients with specialisms in the real estate, construction, banking and sports sectors, advice and representation in litigation and arbitration, advice on intellectual property in the region, corporate work and private client counsel to serve the Qatari and international community, said a senior official.
At Mars you will be able to shape your career and be challenged outside your specialism as well as in it.
One area of specialism provided by the firm is in legal advice where children are involved in social services.
So it is no surprise that an emerging generation of architects is bringing new interest to this area of specialism, with architects such as Yoshiharu Tsukamoto carrying out extensive research into the rhetoric and spatial composition of postwar housing.
With over 25 years involvement in FMCG and a particular specialism in Sales and Marketing, Mike complements the partnership's already considerable expertise in these areas.
Despite the lack of specialism in this category, Tesco carries a relatively comprehensive 49 style choices while Asda has 21.
Lot 2 Specialist Capability (a range of 10-40 suppliers), Lot 2 comprises a list of key research specialism categories which have been identified as areas that are growing and/or critical to research in a part or parts of the BBC.
Kirklees Cabinet backed a proposal to change the specialism at Longley School and add places at Lydgate School, which may relocate to Almondbury.
Both Rav and Tom will specialise in working with local businesses with an annual turnover of between PS250,000 and PS50 million across all sectors but with a specialism in manufacturing businesses which already operate, or are seeking to operate in key overseas markets.