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mail that is delivered by a special carrier (for an additional charge)

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Special Delivery Requirements: Contractor Shall Furnish Appropriate Equipment To Offload The Tanker To Ccua s Bulk Storage Tank(s).
The Special Delivery Unit opened in 2008 and is the delivery arm of CHOP's internationally recognized Center for Fetal Diagnosis and Treatment, which has been providing care for women expecting babies diagnosed with fetal conditions for more than 16 years.
So to be extra sure it gets to us, you may choose to send the whole lot by special delivery.
In 2010 Postman Pat Special Delivery Service was taken over by Classic Media.
Royal Mail promise to cover losses under their special delivery services, but they argued Mr Goulborn could not "adequately prove" how much he paid for the notes.
But I'm not sure that I'm going to like this new Postman Pat, who is now a qualified pilot with his own special delivery helicopter and motorbike, as well as an eco-friendly van.
A search of his property found an empty special delivery envelope under a mattress.
Sherry's cockeyed optimism, in-charge yet out-of-control lust, maternal ache and quicksilver, intimidating mood swings are all enhanced by that special delivery system that Gyllenhaal has been perfecting since ``Secretary.
Emirates SkyCargo recently undertook the special delivery of 255 wild animals from their grazing grounds at a Namibian game park to a second home in Kano, Nigeria.
We have been without an editor since October of 2005--when the last issue came out--and the process of either hiring an editor or putting Special Delivery together ourselves has been challenging.
100+ Baby Shower Games is a collection of fun and simple games especially for commemorating a special delivery in the life of a family member or friend
In this final installment, let's consider some special delivery issues that can break your all-important connection with the audience, namely, notes and visuals.
Royal Mail is also advising people sending valuable items to use its special delivery service.
Last July, Cincinnati Zoo veterinarians celebrated a special delivery.
FedEx Corporation recently announced the launch of "Operation FedEx Special Delivery," a new program that uses two specially designed hybrid electric vehicles to travel around the U.
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