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More succinctly, special damages are damages that do not follow by implication of law merely upon proof of the breach.
a communication falsely casting doubt on the validity of a complainant's title, reasonably calculated to cause harm, resulting in special damages.
The court held that "a child or his parents may recover special damages for extraordinary medical expenses incurred during infancy, and that the infant may recover those expenses during his majority.
If yes, then like any other statement constituting defamation per quod, special damages must be established.
response to the defendant's argument that special damages had not
In fact, Bustani was not only compensated at his tribunal, he was completely exonerated of Bolton's accusations and his employers were obliged to pay special damages.
On appeal, the district court noted that, "an insured owner may be able to recover consequential or special damages such as lost profits as damages for breach of a title insurance contract," and "may also be able to recover special damages such as lost profits in cases of tort arising from a contractual setting.
Kish Rigging operated the video screen, according to the lawsuit, which seeks unspecified general and special damages, as well as reimbursement of medical expenses.
The plaintiffs reserved their right to proceed against the patient's Compensation Fund (PCF) and, subsequently, filed a claim against the PCF seeking an additional $400,000 plus special damages.
Also, it needs to be remembered that this verdict was from a jury of voters in Pope County and was arrived at after each party, the Highway Commission and the landowner, had full opportunity to develop its respective proof of the value of the property, before the taking, the value of the property after the taking, and any special damages that the remaining property may have suffered.
Between 1985 and 1995 the median general damage award in jury cases awarding positive special damages for medical costs, personal property damage, lost wages, and other quantifiable damages came to $180,000 ($2001).
By statute, "necessary relief" includes reinstatement with seniority status; back pay, plus interest; and special damages, including "litigation costs, expert witness fees, and reasonable attorney fees.
The rest of the award is generally made up of special damages.
Mr Justice Gage ruled she should receive pounds 2,750 general damages "and such sums as are agreed for special damages and interest" as she should have been told that organs would be removed at post-mortem and possibly retained.
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