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a contract that is signed and has the (wax) seal of the signer attached

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Contract notice: Service management "socio educational rehabilitation centers~ day care for disabled people of the city of pesaro included transport service home / day center / house - as specified in detail in the special contract.
David Hampson, 52, said he had a special contract which gave him 35 days off while teachers got 65.
As approved, the rider, expressed in cents/therm, will be applied to all retail gas sales transmitted over the company's distribution system for all customer classes except for special contract customers.
For the signing of the contract performance bond equal to 10% of the contract net of VAT; for specifications see Special Contract.
The company is currently seeking regulatory approval to implement a special contract with a refinery, one of its largest customers.
Customers who elected to pay a fixed rate with DTE and would choose to take service under the new tariff rate rather than a lower special contract rate would collectively pay about $133,465 more combined for steam, which amounts to an increase of 2.
Two special contract totaling 177 million shares were concluded with the Investment Bank and Ashur International Bank at a value of 1.
The new rates, which are scheduled to take effect March 1, 1993, will apply to all customers, excluding those under special contract.
We are pleased to offer our accessibility solutions to the Department of Defense through this special contract vehicle.
1) Main services falling Area territorial Bari - BAT, in the list set out in Annexes 1 and 2 of the Special Contract and other specified in art.
LorAir as a certified "supplemental charter air carrier" under the Section 401 of the US Transportation Code, services special contract requirements of various entities.
The Senior Plan, which has served as a national model for health-care programs for the elderly, was created in 1980, when the Fallon Community Health Plan became one of the first HMOs in the country to receive a special contract for Medicare recipients through the U.
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