special assessment

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an additional tax levied on private property for public improvements that enhance the value of the property

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The developer agreed that, without the burden of the special assessment payments for the first two years of the project, it could increase the pace of development.
More recently, ALJs Michael Zielinki and Richard Manning have issued orders to release special assessment forms.
Florida courts have attempted to define what may be funded by a special assessment, but their holdings result in uncertainty.
In return for the special assessment benefit, owners are required to hold an annual open house for the public.
Prevailing issues Surrounding the Special Assessment Mechanism
The heart of the new law is a one-time special assessment on thrift deposits to shore up the SAIF.
Each area also contains recreational tracts, subject to a reduced special assessment rate, with revenue yields of no more than 1.
The City Council of the City of Tavares, Florida is seeking Request for Proposals from firms/ individuals to provide a Update of existing Fire District Special Assessment Fees.
The type of taxes they impose vary widely, but may be grouped into four main categories: special assessment districts, tax increment financing districts, community facilities districts, and special purpose general obligation districts.
To resolve the SAIF's problems, Hawke proposed that "institutions with SAIF-insured deposits could pay a special assessment at a rate sufficient to increase the SAIF's reserves to $1.
Proceeds will be used to refund outstanding special assessment revenue bonds, series 2004.
Services shall include but not be limited to subdivision parcel research, special assessment levy research, preparation of the annual assessment and calculation of administrative costs, county tax office communication, tracking of delinquent assessment fees and required PID reporting.
Proposition K, approved by voters in 1996, created a citywide special assessment district in which property owners pay a fee to fund new park projects throughout the city.
Initially 59 West 12th Street looked to do what condos are accustomed to doing when confronting a major capital improvement - impose a special assessment on apartment owners.
The maximum penalty for the conspiracy count is 5 years probation, a fine of $50,000 per day for each day of violation or a $500,000 fine, whichever is greater, and a $200 special assessment.
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