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a legislative act that applies only to a particular person or particular district

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Ahmed Anwer, a DEWA employee in the power transmission division, was presented with the Special Act Award for the successful implementation of his proposal, value engineering and combining two jobs, which helped the company save about $1.
Anwar Mansoor continuing with his argument said that in accordance with the laid down procedure in the Criminal Special Act, there was no provision for arrest under this law.
Participating students will be preparing for the March 4, 2014 ACT, which, is a special ACT test for the district.
That assistance was recognized in June when Ambassador Dawn Liberi presented them with a Special Act award.
In an hour-long presentation, Italian dancers entertained the audiences by waving, swirling and tossing the flags of several countries including Indian national flag, as a part of their special act.
It was obvious then that he was a very special act, and it's been absolutely fantastic to see him go on to become one of the biggest names in British comedy "We're looking forward to an amazing night in July.
Similarly, the State will not be obliged to introduce the special act, relating to rail construction, into the WA Parliament until such time as the State is satisfied that the project has reached a stage in its development at which the introduction of the special act is appropriate.
The ICWAI was established by a special act of parliament in 1959.
Precinct election commission will have to remove these duplications and to destroy extra ballots making a special act to prove the procedure.
5 (1872) By a special act of the Legislature, the city of McComb was granted its charter.
Di Canio later picked up the FIFA Fair Play Award for what the world governing body described as 'a special act of good sportsmanship.
The General Assembly shall pass no special act conferring corporate powers, except for charitable, educational, penal or reformatory purposes, where the corporations created are to be and remain under the patronage and control of the state.
The Lloyd Parham Award is presented to an individual or organization for "outstanding dedication in the field of food safety, for performing a special act of providing or promoting food safety to the consumers of the state of Oklahoma," according to the nomination form.
It takes a special act to pull off Slane and we think Green Day can do it," said the source.
In 1849, New York enacted the first general law allowing for the incorporation, without a special act of the Legislature, of marine, fire, and life insurance companies, and requiring them to file annual statements of their financial condition, similar to those required under the 1827 statute, with the Comptroller.
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