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any of several large vigorous pelagic fishes resembling sailfishes but with first dorsal fin much reduced

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The following artificial reefs off Florida would be off-limits to hook-and-line bottom fishing, but open to spearfishing (including commercial powerheads).
Good spearfishing skills and knowledge take years of experience to acquire," says Levi "Turbo" Brown, Co-Author of "99 Tips To Get Better At Spearfishing.
On Saturday, Redcar will host the North Eastern Open Spearfishing Competition - the first time our coastline has hosted a championship event since the 1970s.
Last week, a man spearfishing off the coast of Key West was attacked by an eight-foot shark.
The International Underwater Spearfishing Association recognizes Stacey's gag as the world record for the Women's Speargun category.
TownsvilleWhitsunday region: 179 line fishing offences and 24 spearfishing offences
He was one of seven people practising for a spearfishing competition off the Yorke Peninsula, in south Australia.
With spearfishing you can dive the whole day about 6--80 times in shallow waters not more than 20-30 meters.
Junior doctor James Grant was spearfishing with his friends near Colac Bay at the base of the South Island, when he was attacked by a shark, News.
Adel Ait-Ghezala, 35, had been spearfishing with friends when he went missing on January 1.
Friends of an experienced Algerian diver who went missing 32 kilometres (20 miles) off Dubai have raised $55,000 to assist rescue teams in their search after he disappeared while spearfishing.
Dead Man Rising: From a Watery Grave to an Incredible Life is hard to neatly categorize: it can best be described as a Christian memoir of survival and revelation and documents how an afternoon of birthday spearfishing in California turns into the author's fight for life after he's run over by a fishing boat and nearly cut in half.
A 27-year-old fisherman drowned after going spearfishing Thursday evening.
For Thomas, spearfishing is a way to get in tune with his heritage and nature, and his family eats everything he catches.
A 60-year-old Paphos Man was in critical condition on Wednesday after he was hit by the propeller of a boat while spearfishing in the Latchi area.