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any of several large vigorous pelagic fishes resembling sailfishes but with first dorsal fin much reduced

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The Spearfish is being fitted with an Ampelmann active motion compensated gangway which will allow personnel to walk onto the Solan platform safely, even in high wave conditions.
The new development is part of a five-year programme aimed to develop an upgrade to the Spearfish Mod-0 heavyweight torpedo.
Spearfish is described as " one of the most powerful and advanced wire-guided torpedoes in the world.
Amanda Kepp lives in Spearfish but commutes twice a week to the University Center for her classes through South Dakota State University.
The Spearfish City Council is considering a proposal to erect a replica of Rio de Janeiro's famous Christ the Redeemer on city-owned property.
She has the largest weapon-carrying capacity of all the Royal Navy's attack submarines and can hold a combination of up to 38 Tomahawk missiles and Spearfish torpedoes.
Spearfish Canyon, an inspired choice for the final scenes in Kevin Costner's Oscarwinning .
Molopo Energy Limited (ASX:MPO) has accepted an offer from Legacy Oil + Gas Inc (TSE:LEG) to purchase Molopo Energy's Spearfish oil asset in Canada.
In the UK, the company has won a series of contracts including a pounds 370 million ten-year support deal for the Sting Ray and Spearfish torpedoes used by the Royal Navy and Royal Air Force.
Catch rates for apex predators such as blue shark (Prionace glauca), bigeye (Thunnus obesus) and albacore (Thunnus alalunga) tunas, shortbill spearfish (Tetrapturus angustirostris), and striped marlin (Tetrapturus audax) declined by 3% to 9% per year and catch rates for four midtrophic species, mahimahi (Coryphaena hippurus), sickle pomfret (Taractichthys steindachneri), escolar (Lepidocybium flavobrunneum), and snake mackerel (Gempylus serpens), increased by 6% to 18% per year.
The agreement covers support and maintenance for the heavyweight Spearfish torpedoes that arm Britain's submarine fleet, as well as lightweight Sting Ray torpedoes which are carried on Royal Navy ships and helicopters and RAF Nimrod maritime patrol aircraft, the Ministry of Defence said.
Schuster, Sturgis Brown High School; and Annelise Ewing, Spearfish High School.
They will be sharing their stories in a piece created by Spearfish and Benji Reid alongside a live score by DJ G Kut.
The Spearfish School District in South Dakota is considering a plan to reduce the five-day school week to a four-day schedule.