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Synonyms for speaking

the utterance of intelligible speech

capable of or involving speech or speaking

References in classic literature ?
Well, then, if you feel it," Adam rejoined, eagerly; "if you feel as you may ha' put false notions into her mind, and made her believe as you loved her, when all the while you meant nothing, I've this demand to make of you--I'm not speaking for myself, but for her.
Arthur stood still without speaking, and no other word passed between them till they were at the side entrance, where he hoped to get in without being seen by any one.
I came into this room with anguish in my heart," continued the prince, with ever-growing agitation, speaking quicker and quicker, and with increasing strangeness.
I have seen men of graceful simplicity of intellect; I have seen an old man who is not above speaking kindly and even LISTENING to a boy like myself; I see before me persons who can understand, who can forgive--kind, good Russian hearts--hearts almost as kind and cordial as I met abroad.
Not a few of the Southern white papers were unfriendly to the idea of my speaking.
When I am speaking to an audience, I care little for how what I am saying is going to sound in the newspapers, or to another audience, or to an individual.
The room was very large, and well suited to public speaking.
Her silence gave him the opportunity of speaking in her place.
Does speaking of him again mean speaking of his debts?
When my interference had restored my unworthy rival to his freedom, could I submit to the degrading necessity of seeing her in his presence, of speaking to her under his eyes?
The Squire of the parish calls me a Communist; the farmers denounce me as an Incendiary; my friend the rector has been recalled in a hurry, and I have now the honor of speaking to you in the character of a banished man who has made a respectable neighborhood too hot to hold him.
It was the body which despaired of the earth--it heard the bowels of existence speaking unto it.
I will only say one thing more: you know that I am speaking of my sister, whom I love as I love my own children.
Franklin, speaking in a loud voice, so that Rosanna might hear him.
He was evidently listening, Betteredge, when I was speaking to you last night.