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When it comes to Boehner's speakership, Bosworth said, "he needs a new authorizing vote or he will resign as speaker.
Official sources are silent on the candidates' campaigns for the Speakership in Ontario.
Before, we had a speakership built on the personality of Willie Brown.
Ghanem, who began a visit to Jordan, his first since he was elected to the speakership in August, said his trip was "to stand by our Jordanian brothers-- leadership, government and people-- to fulfill their genuine Arab stance towards their nation".
Therefore, the imposition of Magok Rundial into the speakership of the parliament did not come as a big surprise, now that President Kiir's clutching arms with the murderers in Khartoum.
According to Jordanian lower house' statute, the speakership should be won by whoever acquires absolute majority of MPs, while runoff election occurs between only two candidates who get the highest number of votes.
This session, he faced a challenge to his speakership from David Simpson, a Longview Republican who is just starting his second term.
Gingrich resigned from both the Speakership and his congressional seat.
Each co-speaker will need to be elected by 31 House members, which rules out a straight party-line vote - the team must have at least a measure of bipartisan support, and the result could be near-unanimous backing for the Hanna-Roblan speakership.
The temporary speaker of the parliament can call on lawmakers to meet only in one case, to elect the parliament's speakership," Lawmaker Arif Tayfor told Aswat al-Iraq news agency.
A timeline of the speakership from 1789-2009 is included, as are appendices on the votes of each Speaker election, midterm election results, Speakers by state and congressional distribution by party.
During the meet, the Congress leadership had also discussed whether the post of Deputy Speakership should be given to the Opposition as per convention or to some ally.
Tavakkoli supported Mohammad-Baqer Qalibaf, now the mayor of Tehran, in the last presidential elections, and he worked hard to win re-election of Haddad-Adel to the Majlis speakership this spring.
I would like to think it is in recognition of my services to Parliament over many years and, of course, my Speakership of the House of Commons.