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neutering a female by removing the ovaries

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It is important to considering spaying and neutering the pets to help prevent pet overpopulation.
More than 50 percent of mammary tumors are cancerous, but early spaying can prevent tumors.
There needs to be more free or low-cost programs to provide spaying, neutering and vaccination services; more volunteers to trap stray cats and have them spayed and neutered; and people should be educated about available services and to keep their cats inside instead of abandoning them on the street.
This benefit reduces as the dog ages - so spaying early confers a great health benefit for the dog.
However, spaying females means that it will be impossible for them to have any more puppies, which is far more effective," says Salter.
There are also several benefits to spaying and neutering.
If you are convinced that you want to breed however, and you're confident that you will find good homes for the puppies, then discuss with your vet spaying your dog after her first litter.
Spaying and neutering protects and improves the health of pets by reducing or eliminating many health problems that are difficult and expensive to treat.
This money was used for spaying other dogs and cats from various shelters in the area, placing them in foster homes and eventually finding permanent homes for them.
They're just trying to be invisible, because they're not used to people," said Karen Powers, who heads Spay Worcester, a group that promotes spaying and neutering as a means of reducing the wild cat population.
If the bill becomes law, Jacobsen's dogs would qualify for an intact permit, which would exempt animals from spaying if they are purebred and registered with specific purebred kennel associations.
Dog Behaviorist, TV Star and founder of the Cesar Millan Foundation, Cesar Millan, backs the program's efforts to raise awareness on the importance of spaying and neutering pets.
FiXiT is providing solutions to tackle the real reasons prevent pet owners from spaying and neutering their animals.
Brian replies: Spaying is the process whereby a female dog has its ovaries and uterus surgically removed.